Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just Fitting

Kind of how my mind jumps around randomly amidst it all as well  ;) :) 

Thankfully, I'm happy to report that it doesn't feel as much like chaos when you're on vacation! More to come soon~


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Kinda cute...
Addie was still in her crib, as I was dressing Myla. Addie had woken up on the wrong side of said crib this morning, and I tried to squelch the impending whining and squealing that were managing to creep out in only small increments thus far. "Hey - we gotta get ready to go to grandma and grandpa's house today!!!!!!!!!" (Yes, I am trying to emphasize my excitement with 9 apostrophes.)
Addie, being crabby, started to spazz-out a bit... the opposite of my intended response. That's when miss Myla stepped-in. "Addie! We're going to grandma and grandpa's houuuuuuse... You get to see PAPA! He's your favorite guy, isn't he Addie?"  I was a little taken-back - as this was dually unexpected... However, it worked! Addie became sheepish, lifting her arms up to her face, head tilted to the side with a shy smile, as she repeated questioningly, "PAPAAAA???" Now, the squeals of "I'm not in any way shape or form a morning-person!" Turned into squeals of joy! Hey. I'll take it!

Later that same morning... They swapped roles, as usual. (Pretty well impossible to have 2 happy babies at the same time 'round these parts.) In Myla's fit of uncalled-for rage, she opted to hit her sister. BUUUZZZZZZZZZ. WRONG! That just won you a lovely (lovely for me) time-out... 5 minutes! Upon reconciling with her sister following the 5 minutes of chaos corralled, I explained,  "You don't hit! Especially not your baby sister. How would you feel if she hit you??" Myla: "I wouldn't like it" [insert giant pouty lips & eyes here...]
"You can only hit bad guys if - if someone tries to hurt you. Otherwise, NO hitting." 
Myla:"I can hit bad guys?" 
"Yes, if someone ever tries to hurt you - you hit them... Otherwise, NO hitting. Not your sister especially..."
Myla: "Mama... (arms in the air, palms facing up) Why don't we just shoot the bad guys?!?" 
I couldn't help but laugh. Not probably the greatest reaction to that - but SERIOUSLY? Watching a few too many episodes of COPS with her father, I reckon! I replied, "You are your father's daughter, aren't you?" She said confidently, "Yes. I Aaaaam." 
This one is alllllll-Joel!

TIP: Don't let kids watch shows that involve guns... Joel convinced me that "she needs to know that there is bad in the world, and that she can't trust everyone... I tell her that they are bad guys." Okay - but now what is he planning to tell me when he decides to teach her to use a shotgun for hunting????????? (Yes, multiple question-marks also indicate a heightened intensity of questioning, with a hint of agitation...) 
A QUOTE: “Violence is not merely killing another. It is violence when we use a sharp word, when we make a gesture to brush away a person, when we obey because there is fear. So violence isn't merely organized butchery in the name of God, in the name of society or country. Violence is much more subtle, much deeper, and we are inquiring into the very depths of violence.”  ~Jiddu Krishnamurti
WHIDFML: Stood up to some attempted business manipulation that I thought was in my past for good! (Speaking of violence... Just kiddin'!)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Always Good for a Laugh!

Myla: [note: while at the DINNER table. Argh...] "Hey, I want to put some poopy in there...." 
Daddy: "Hey, ladies don't talk like that. Only icky boys talk like that. Are you an icky boy??"
Myla: "NOOOOOO! I'm a icky little GIRL!" 

Myla: "Martini!!!" 
Daddy: "What? Where'd that come from??"
Myla: "Marteeeeni!" 
Daddy: "What? What's 'martini'?"
Myla: "Wine!"

Daddy: "This is nice, sitting up here, listening to music, just all hangin' out..."
Mommy: "I bet it is - for YOU!" [I have 2 little people climbing all over me, dancing on me, jumping on me, pulling my hair...]
Mommy: "Hey - I think there is too much estrogen on this chair right now!!"
Daddy: "Yee-AH. I think there is too much estrogen in this HOUSE!"  [Face buried in hands...]

Myla: "I love my mom - she is cute! She is a princess. I am a princess. Addie is a princess...."
Daddy: "What about daddy? What is daddy?"
Myla: (pause)...
Mommy: "Is daddy a prince, or a night in shining armor??"
Myla: "YEAH. Daddy your a annarmor!" 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Innocent Eyes!

As I was fumbling around in the closet getting dressed this morning, Myla had come in and joined me... She was resting (waking up!) on the Papasan chair - situated about 12 feet from my whereabouts. I was in my under-ware and bra. I must admit, the pair I selected today were rather fiery, yet feminine. Lace edging, translucent bodice... K, 'nuf about that. It does, however, accentuate the story to know this detail! 
She looked up again, realizing what I had put on, and came running to meet me at the closet entrance as she gasped, "OH Mommy! What beeeauutiful panties you are wearing!" I smiled as I thanked her for the compliment, asking, "You like those, huh?" 
NOW.... envision the scene in A Christmas Story - where Ralphy is running his hand up and down the leg of "the lamp"... YEAH. I KNOW! Swatted her hand away a couple of times before she gave up on touching them. [They ARE luxuriously soft!] I decided to take the opportunity to further motivate her... "HEY! If you start using the potty - you can wear beeeauuutiful panties TOO!"
"No, " came her reply, "I want to wear a diaper." DANG! I tried.

TIP: They make thick toddler panties to absorb more if there is an accident during training/ transitioning. Sold at Babies R Us! VERY handy... 
A QUOTE: "A child can go only so far in life without potty trianing. It is not mere coincidence that six of the last seven presidents were potty trained, not to mention nearly half of the nation's state legislators." ~Dave Barry
WHIDFML: Followed my heart and intuition, and it led me to where I wanted to be :)

The Human Tissue

Wow - we moms are the wearer of many hats and bearer of many badges... But who knew?!? Now, I can proudly include the honorable title of human nasal tissue as well. TADA!
Myla has formed a new habit, destined to remain unbroken apparently. She regularly digs up there - finds her gold, and hands it off to me. I remind her each and every time, "Myla - grab a kleenex and use it!" But alas, she refuses. And, rather than inevitably finding dried-up boogies laying around the house when I least expect it... I digress and take over the duty of said kleenex to ensure the ooey-gooey entity's safe disposal.
Today, as Myla retreated to the next room to continue with play, Monkey-See-Monkey-Do (baby #2) appeared to also hand off her (invisible) entity. "Boogie... Kleenex TOO! Here go!" 
Mmmmm. Thank you.... Whth? THESE are the things that no one tells you about ahead of time ;)

TIP: If a child is unsure about trying a new meat, tell them it tastes like chicken! Pretty much all meat is "chicken" in Addie's eyes. So when she asks, "Chicken?", we simply say, "Yep!" And it all goes smoothly. I guess in some cases, a white lie is beneficial to parenting. 
A QUOTE: "Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones." ~Phillips Brooks
WHIDFML: Made it to bowling, in spite of the snowy weather... and thoroughly enjoyed myself and the company of my friends! Things happen for a reason - and there was good reason I was asked to sub; So I couldn't decide against going out! The girls were both terribly crabby. (Poor daddy. Although, I had them all day like that. He endured only a few hours. We had these babies together!) ;)