Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2-Year-Olds RULE!!!

They are such funny creatures :) 
So, I'm playing "hide-n-seek" with my babes in the basement the other day. I'm thinking up every possible hiding locale for human beings my size (the game sure changes when you get taller!) 
Some of my spots are so darn good, that I have to give them little clues so they can find me. [Either that - or I'm just playing with two toddlers. Hmmm. Little of both??] So my trickiest quarters thus far were located inside the shower in the bathroom. I left the curtain open just a couple of inches. The door opens in - and partially covers the shower on that end. I had previously hidden behind said door, and had to 'knock' on it a few times before the little hounds sniffed me out. 
So, now I'm perched inside the shower, and I can hear them going back and forth past the bathroom in wild pursuit. "Where is she be?" I hear Addie inquire. After a few minutes of this, I decide to reach past the partially open curtain to again 'knock' on the door situated just beyond it. A few occurrences of this, and eventually they make their way INTO the bathroom. The door swings in the opposite direction, and they see that I'm not standing there this time. They exit once again. So I knock another time. This time they are sure it came from this same area, but they are still perplexed. I am fighting to hold back the giggles as they begin knocking on surrounding surfaces in an effort to get a similar response. Clever. (But I didn't bite. They were too close!) ;) At about this time, I see a very small hand in the shape of a fist reach in behind the door and knock on it. When nothing came of that, this little clenched bumble of fingers, baby-pudge, and dimples extended itself beyond the door to the tiles on the shower's edge. I'm thinking, "This is it - she found me!" But no... I hear her move over to the other side of the room, and by the way her voice echos, she must be hovering directly over the bowl as she leans in and asks out loud, "Is she in the potty??? Nooooooo!" Now I'm nearly in tears as I hold back my giggles. Nope. Even if I could fit into that spot - I think I'd opt-out of that one! Thanks anyway. (And Addie,  pleeeeease, don't hide there when it's my turn to count again!!)

TIP: Johnson & Johnson's Children's Hair Detangling Spray is really fab. Addie's tight curls need a little somethin' - and this is that somethin'. Plus, it keeps her curls beautiful, without weight, greasiness, or stickiness. (Walgreens brand was a close second!)
A QUOTE: "Laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life."  ~Hugh Sidey
WHIDFML: Went with hub-love & kiddies on a beautiful evening bike ride. It successfully wound the girls down for bed, and gave me wind for some late-night photo-blogging :) I like that combo of effects!