Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Raining Sunshine!

[Insert Hallelujah Chorus... here]

Seems the planets have re-aligned!!
Today was a good day:
~ We realized that having a nanny to the house would defeat the purpose of avoiding noise & distraction while working, and/ or accomplishing some things for myself. BUT, we found a referred-by-a-very-trustworthy-friend, extremely flexible, in-home day-care close by - run by a wonderful lady! It couldn't be more ideal for our needs - and she's affordable! I will have at least one day a week to count on from now on... and on busy weeks following weddings, possibly 2 (when the in-laws are also available for one). Bonus!
~ Joel and I uncovered some things that are making life as a couple pretty darn rockin' right now!
~ Auntie Debbie is totally filling us with hope and joy as she continues to provide us with much needed date-nights and other couple-breaks, now encompassing baby-sleep-overs at HER house too!!! Round one was a huge success :)
~ And last but not least, Addie deuced into the potty today!!! WHOOHOO!
Keep 'em comin', Jesus! Much appreciated and MANY thanks~

A TIP: Trying, without trying too hard, can get you very far. Just keep the faith.
A QUOTE: "When it rains, It pours" - English Idiom [Apparently it can be applied to GOOD luck as well!]
WHIDFML: FOUND some fitting, experienced, highly-recommended, well-loved by good friends' children, part-time childcare! SCORE!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Made Me Smile - with Relief!

Description: Burn-Out 
Source: Native Remedies (.com)
As found in the above resourceful guide, you'll notice that the definition of burn-out reads as follows:

"Burnout is a term that is given to a state of physical or emotional exhaustion. It is most commonly attributed to work or a particular task, but can also be related to stressful relationships and roles (e.g. parenting or caring for an aged family member)." 

THANK YOU NATIVE REMEDIES!!! I have to say I was thrilled to see "parenting" listed as the first example! I've experienced job burn-out before... And I must say, it's easier to find yourself feeling that way about a job that is 24 hours a day, 8 days a week! ;)

TIP: Sometimes doing a little research helps you sort out your own feelings - which also leads to sorting out options for solving the problems that are causing those feelings. WHAT did I do before the internet?!?
A QUOTE: "Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be." ~David Bly
WHIDFML: Vanilla Cinnamon Black Tea. (Available seasonally at Trader Joe's) MMMMmmmmmmmm!


A friend posted this to her facebook page.... and I stole it! Because it's perfect. And all people, (especially parents) must remember this!!

"Learn to value yourself, which means: to fight for your happiness." ~Ayn Rand

TIP: Never give up
WHIDFML: Figuring out a new system for ensuring at least one day per week (and a little time each day) for good ol' me! Seems like the planets aren't aligned - and everyone is struggling with something right now... For me - it's my need for some space,  little piece of my freedom back - and the opportunity to have my brain all to myself for a while. And so - a new system is born! Many thanks for the support of my loving husband - who also doesn't want to watch me melt away into a puddle of mush. Glad we are on the same page with that one. Nice to have someone on my side!! Kiss-kiss~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Intense Job...

See - the thing is - you don't realize the depth of the intensity of the 'job' of raising little kids until you're already in the very throws of that tsunami! (Otherwise, who in their right mind??) Just kidding - There is something to be said for the love you feel for the little people you create with God's help... Amazing, astounding, indescribable in mere words... 

However, when you are sitting there with your husband and young ones at the dinner table, and can't complete a sentence without stopping to prevent one child from choking on their food, and the other from swallowing their entire FIST... You realize the intensity of the job!  TRUE STORY.
Then, they lived happily ever after... The End. (HAhahahahahahaHA!)

TIP: Sometimes, the best thing to do in the wake of a chaotic tidal wave, is to simply laugh. I know - I just said this recently - but it bears repeating... And I'm tired - and have no other tips for ya! Okay, I lied; Sleep... There's your newest tip. My bed is calling me!
A QUOTE: "Avoid fruit and nuts.  You are what you eat."  ~Jim Davis
WHIDFML: Started working out inside when I don't get my walks... Found that late-night stationary-biking is actually very good for the soul AND the bod... (And it has actually helped me sleep better... rather than impeding it. Shush to those nay-sayers about pre-Zzzz exercise!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guessing Games

Apparently, we're learning how to think in school! (Hooray! That's always a good lesson.)
Myla's been going around asking us to guess what she's describing...
Sometimes its very clever... like when she aks, "What is RED, has a stem, and is verrrrry crunchy?"
An apple!
Other times, YOU feel very clever - because you can always guess the right answer. For example, I bet you can guess what she's thinking about when she asks, "What is rooooundd, has a sparkly thing in it, and looks like your ring?" Um.... wait.... give me one sec... My ring??? YES! Got it!
So, after she described Mommy and Addie, she proceeded to describe Daddy...  Are you ready? She got this far before she was interrupted by bursts of continuous laughter from the big (and hairless) people of the house: "Who is our FAVORITE booooy... who has NO haaaair..." Hahahahahahahaha! Hahahahaahahahhaah! HahahahahahahHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

These moments help make the crabby-baby days more tolerable! Thanks God for laughter.

TIP: Laugh. Repeat.
A QUOTE: "Even if there is nothing to laugh about, laugh on credit." ~ Author Unknown
WHIDFML: Spent the majority of a recent Sunday in the best company in the world, surrounded by nature and sun, learning how to field-hunt for waterfowl (which I'm pretty much hooked on already, btw), took the long walk (exercise!) to and from the truck (my virgin off-road adventures), armed with my camera to document the day. Did I mention it was one of the most brilliant sunsets I've ever witnessed? Yes, I felt completely weightless for a whole day! More Pleeeease!


"Our hopes & expectations.... Black holes & revelations...." ~Muse

The above song lyrics are indicative of life a lot of times...
(Music Vid can be found HERE)

Hopes & Expectations:
~ The family would be not only willing, but excited to watch the girls when we needed a date and/or a weekend (or longer) get-away

~ Determined to be free from depending on others for my own goal achievement/ happiness

~ Having children will be fulfilling and enjoyable, and you can do many things that you would normally do - "just with kids now"

~ I can make it through all of the time-sacrifice until the kids are both in school. It's only a short time in my life.

~ It's easier when it's your own kids...

~ Expected to be able to have more time to myself/ with Joel...

Black Holes...:
~ The family is out of town every weekend, the dynamic has dramatically shifted - at least on one side - and everyone's too busy on a regular basis...

~ Realizing that I've had to depend on people in order to have breaks away from being inundated with children 24/7. Creative problem-solving is a start, but doesn't babysit your kids for ya!

~ While fulfilling in one aspect, having kids means giving up so much of what is important to you in the beginning stages, that you have to work really hard to not give up who you are/ forget about what gives your life meaning/ joy... (in addition to the kids!)

~ The sudden realization that you have 2 more years until they are both in school full-time (allowing me some 'me-time', and more time to work on my photo projects)

~ Myla is "my own kid", and the most difficult child I've had to contend with - ever!

~ Been really hard to make time together sans-children and time for myself happen because of that whole need-to-depend-on-people-who-aren't-available thing...

...And Revelations:
~ Hey.... we can hire someone who loves kids to help out!
Most people don't get it... They have 1 (relatively normal/ laid-back) kid, or a nanny... or they have retired parents who are available to help... Or, they work outside the home - and so have regular child-care on hand... Sure, there are others out there who are with their kids consistently - and don't fit into any of those categories. Those people are either incredibly laid-back, don't have goals that involve keeping a connection with their spouse/ time for themselves - OR they don't give enough of a rip in the first place. 
But that was one revelation that can help! It hit me; Why don't WE get a nanny?! I don't think it's asking too much to want one or 2 days a week where I can depend on having some time to accomplish things for myself. I also don't think a few date-nights, and a couple of trips away are asking too much either - to remain fulfilled. Plus, it's good for everyone. The girls benefit from having parents who get to do things that make them happy in life. And so - I again realize that I do not need to depend on people for this... I can locate a person who specializes in this! Wallah! Let the nanny research begin!

Another revelation: I'm always the most actively looking to 'write' (aka: blog) when I'm in the very throws of complete & utter chaos!  Guess this is good therapy!

TIP: Writing can be good therapy! ;) Out-of-brain... onto-paper.
A QUOTE: "All earthly delights are sweeter in expectation than in enjoyment; but all spiritual pleasures more in fruition than in expectation." ~Francois Fenelon
WHIDFML: Let go of the pressure or expectation that in order to be a "good mom" - you have to either be there with your kids constantly - or leave them in the care of family. Time to find me some chosen 'family'!