Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Of the Home and Mind!

So, 'tis a year o' projects around here. BIG ones, at that! And I think (knocking on wood) they are complete!! Good that we waited until now... for many reasons. But mainly - because Joel and I are a great team! Basement windows installed (by us)? Check. New Roof, Siding, Soffit, Facia, Gutters, Downspouts, Chimney?? Check, check. Repaired and restored Deck (by us), painted stucco (by us) to match new siding, windows & doors installed in garage (by us), leaf-protectors for the gutters (installed by Joel)??? Check. 2 new rock-gardens where nothing would grow beneath the trees? Check!! Fresh paint inside & out of the tree-house that the girls are now big enough to enjoy? Check. Swing coated with paint to prevent deterioration?? Check! I've actually omitted a number of things from this list... It's getting too freakin' long to read :) You have a clear idea for the enormity of the combined projects.

We have a few minor things to finish up now... By 'we', I mean Joel... king of procrastination. His list still contains a few less time-consuming items that he continually claims he'll "do tomorrow" (involving climbing ladders and walking on the roof - items that I opt-out of due to my clutzy ways and my fear of heights).

So you see - we are extreme opposites with this. He's a project starter... and then when he gets bored, wants to move on to another project. [Hence the half-finished items on his still-growing list.] I'm a big-time finisher. I like to see things through to fruition, and revel in the enjoyment offered by a completed task. 

He could also care less if things are "piling up" on a honey-do doc, and put it off until it becomes a necessity - in which case he can be found ranting in frustration, screeching profanities, and running in circles over the lack of time and  preparation. (Thankfully, while his usual approach still applies to the more mundane necessities of life, they no longer put a damper on the beginnings of our vacations and other enjoyable preparation-required-type-excursions! So, I'll take it.) :) I, on the other hand, like to get my 'chores' out of the way first, so I can truly relax, minus those drifting thoughts about strategy or timing of things that still need to be attended to...

I suppose that's good ~ that we can help each other find that happy place somewhere in between those crap-happy extremes! I can kick his butt into gear when needed, and he can mellow me out when things aren't actually as imminent as they may seem in my often over-active imagination.

I was stressin' a bit with all the things we had to do on our own - and how we needed to time them with the construction... It was a little unnerving. Overwhelming at times. Downright frustrating, seeing as the weather chose not to cooperate whatsoever. (Rain, anyone? Those living in MN know what I mean. And... conveniently... multiple weekends were washed-out.) One must allow a surface to adequately dry prior to painting it... And then one requires a certain amount of drying-time for said paint - before the next batch of rain and storms rolls through as well. We were lucky to get 2 days in a row of no-rain during those few weeks. Go figure. Not to mention we have 2 young kids. 'Nuf said.

But, while it was not the most enjoyable process, it was yet another learning opportunity in the classroom of life. (My preferred 'classroom'. I'm not much of a school-girl.) I realized that it will get done. It may mean more headaches, and less ease, but - it will get done. And it helped rope me into recognizing that I need to hone in on "the current moment" more often. I have to live right now, without focusing too much thought on what's coming up. I have always done a fairly good job of really enjoying when I should be - but I found myself just regularly lost in thought about what to do next, and when we could complete various items, etc. Sometimes my forethought has resulted in definite and noticeable benefits. But it's not necessary at all times. Some things are just meant to be - and they will - even without thorough pre-meditation!! Trying not to over-think. I kinda like it too! 

TIP: Construction/ painting/ large-scale projects and kiddos don't mix. BABYSITTERS! That's all I have to say about that.
A QUOTE: "You have to do the best with what God gave you." ~ Mrs. Gump, Forrest Gump
WHIDFML: Sat in the Adirondak Chairs on the deck with the hubby and enjoyed the surrounds of the lush green forest, babbling brook, and fully renovated exterior :)