Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Isn't it destiny? I mean, when you are barely on schedule, just keeping up by a split-hair, something hair-splitting is bound to occur.
Today - I have many, many happies to celebrate. I did make it on time to get the girls to their grandparents' house - and on to their kiddo class at the local park. I successfully completed all tasks on my to-do list today - and then some, not the least of which involved the successful receipt of a filling at the dentist - without the use of Novocaine! (Any avoidance of needles or injections is always a welcome pause for celebration!) I am also in the midst of setting up meetings to add to the team at Denise Mack Photography with some stellar folks, and am about to write a proposal on a book idea for future submission! Things are falling into place with grace....
Enter, early-morning-hurried chaos, and BAM! There goes the freshly poured cup of juice, down the table, onto chair, floor, wall, feet of table, the instigating child's prized puppy.... too many places to admit to.
As I'm grumbling, on hands and knees, scrubbing aforementioned surfaces... Myla says to me, "Mommy, it's okay - you can just clean it up faster with a bigger paper-towel!" In reply I breathed, "I wish it were that simple, honey - but we're going to be late..."
Then, the real miracle makes itself known through the innocence of a child, "Mommy, you shouldn't wish about juice... You should wish about things like - - unicorns." Not sure whether my attempt at instilling such values into her has been already rubbing-off, or whether she perhaps intuitively harbors such innate life-skills. Any way you look at it, it was a good reminder to me... I realized then, that I ought to begin my wishing for a painless dental visit, not involving needles or fainting - and stop 'crying over spilled milk'... I have to say - it was truly the only negative in my entire day - and it was very small. Gotta remember to practice what I preach about sweating those mini-diversions found within each day. :)

TIP: Staying calm rubs-off onto tiny humans. :) Then, when you need a little calming - they might be able to help you out!
A QUOTE: "Be as you wish to seem." ~Socrates
WHIDFML: I think I've listed a few above - to hold me over for quite some time ;)