Thursday, October 24, 2013

Listen, Trust Your Choice....

Actually... I had it written down like this: "Listen, Trust, Your Choice" (all broken up and separated by commas. You know... Three separate thoughts). I've been jotting sketchy little notes-to-self whenever I think of a 'blog' write-up that I'd like to post. One of the more recent notes stems from my realization that my God is trying to reach out to me via my kids... as I desperately reach out to them.

I kept telling my girls over and over again in recent months, "If you would just LISTEN. How much easier would life be? How much more pleasantly would we start our days? How much happier would we all be??" Oh. My. God. I then realized how much I'd been slacking in the "listening" category myself... In particular, I think that intuition is direct communication from above. When we get caught-up in the worldly crapola, it's easy for that instinctive knowing to start to fade. I'd been over-thinking, over-worrying, over-trying, but not nearly enough listening to my inner voice. K - good one, Big Guy. I get it. I'm listening. (Sorry!)

Then there was this whole battle about trust. I was explaining that when they lie, I lose their trust. Though, thankfully, they rarely play that card. The flip side of that coin?? When they don't trust me I about want to scream - because I (rarely) lie to them! (Sometimes, as a parent, it's a prerequisite, and I'm practicing when it is actually necessary. Think, oh - Santa Claus?!) But overall - I've learned early on - that honesty really is the best policy and not just a bunch of bs gibberish. So - I employ it. Hence my need to remind them, "Why can't you just trust your dad and me? Have we lied to you before?? Why won't you just TRUST us?!" Um. Yeaaaah. I get it. Okay. GOT IT... Again. (Sorry!)

Then, I was going on and on about how the consequences become THEIR own choice in the matter. We warn them about what will happen regarding their choices. When they choose poorly, there will be consequences (whether doled out by us, or by fate, depending on the situation.) Here I was saying, "Hey. It's YOUR choice, not mine. You have the choice. YOU make the choice about whether or not to listen, and therefore you make the choice as to whether you'll have to endure the consequences." WOW. Did You.... just do that... AGAIN?! Whew. Okay - yep! MY choice. Got it.

But then as I re-read my little list upon sitting down at my desk, I read it more quickly and without as much thought (over-thinking? Me?? Nah.) and it suddenly read: "Listen, Trust Your Choice." It was like, "Lalalalala" {Insert rays of sunlight beaming down through fluffy clouds.} It hit me differently. I've been questioning myself a little too much lately. And - wallah - once again - via my children (initially) - I'M the one being taught! What can I say? I guess it's fate! And truly - I did need the reminders. So be it far from me to sit here and wallow in hypocrisy, for cryin' out loud! 

TIP: Listen, Trust Your Choice  ;)
A QUOTE: "The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become, the stronger you become, and the happier you become." ~ Gisele Bundchen
WHIDFML: Made that massage a "Chakra balancing massage" - and I feel more at ease and much more open to my own instinctive thoughts again. {Yay!}

Intuition...this is true in all stages of your life :)

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