Thursday, January 19, 2012


Sounds kind of like something out of a Rainbow Brite cartoon... Is it?? We're still trying to decipher this mystery. I may have, during one of those hectic moments while juggling 3 or 4 (or 12) various 'projects' at one time, been likely to utter something to this regard when complimenting a child's job-well-done...  You might think I would have a better recollection... But then again, loss of short-term memory is one of the side-effects of mothering, maintaining house, keeping children fed, clean & clothed & carted to and fro school - as well as out of trouble (usually), running a small business from home, taking on side work, and eating, sleeping, and you-know-whating in there somewhere too. (Yep. I think 12 projects on average, is a more accurate estimate.) And thus, I cannot definitely without question, determine the exact birth of the phrase "girl-power!" now being regularly employed, particularly by the 4-year-old. But I did learn something about this special magical superpower that I had not previously known. Apparently, the 4-year-old is the expert on this topic. To adequately convey this story, I must first admit to something that I unwittingly did to bring it about in the first place. Okay - here goes... I.... I passed gas. Okay?! There. I said it. I really don't get the big deal - we all do it. Everybody poops, right? Anyway - it was taboo for the oldest daughter for quite a long time (our Princess), and revered as a highly-amusing activity to both witness and partake in by the youngest daughter (our tom-boy). Seems things have abruptly, and unbeknownst to me, changed in that regard.
Upon releasing some pent-up air in the chamber this morning, Addie promptly informed me, "YOU don't have GIRL-power anymore... Acause princesses don't gas!" Well... I guess my superhero status has faltered.... 

TIP: We learned that suckers can be a really motivating tool for a 4-year-old child! She even lay there calmly and nicely - determined to be brave - for the fearful booster shots required at the last doctor visit... Knowing I had one in my purse - right there - for the very moment she completed her task-at-hand and overcame her fear of shots - to pacify her tears - made all the difference in the world. Thank you Trader Joe's - for making a delicious, organic, sugar-free, bad-stuff-free, all-natural, fruit-juice-flavored blend of colorful and soothing suckers. 
A QUOTE: "Even if I'm playing a superhero, it has to be steeped in reality." ~Michael Fassbender
WHIDFML: Planning on a little girls'-night-out of dancing with a very close gal-pal!

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