Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year.... I Think??

Where does a 5-year-old come UP with this stuff?? It took a solid hour to get the girl settled down enough to fall asleep... as she wailed about the fact that she was certain that she didn't want to be "a mom" anymore - after seeing some woman screaming in pain while giving birth on TV. (Thanks, grandparents...) Couple this drama with the fact that she's sure she doesn't want to grow up now, as growing up means 'getting old', and 'dying'. Deep thoughts, anyone? 
Her little sister chimed in with an exuberant, "Ooooh - My WANT to die, so I can go to heaven and see Jesus!" WOW. Okay - wait a minute. How does a parent walk this tight-rope without falling?? Yeah - let's see... we must assure one child that dying is a part of life, but that we hope to live a long, healthy life on earth first, and accomplish all of our goals... AND, stress to the other child the part about the 'long healthy life of accomplishing goals' BEFORE looking forward (??) to death, and that it's part of God's plan - and we don't choose when we die... OY! Where is that damn parent-manual again?? I thought there was something about this under chapter "Aw shit. Now What?!" 
After much (attempted) comforting, prayer, assurances about things like, say, epidurals, and relating the fact that we all "go home to heaven one day"- followed by how we should take the opportunity to live life in a way that's meaningful to us - and set all kinds of goals (i.e. Disneyland, playing at the park, going camping, fishing, seeing fireworks.... etc. Only the important things, of course!) FINALLY - she began to calm down (somewhat.) She was still a bit tearful, and her little sis, sleeping below her in the bunk, made this request: "Mommy... My don't want my sister to be crying....(pause) Or dying... (another pause) or getting old!" I assured her that she was not currently dying, nor getting 'old' - but that I couldn't promise she would stop crying - at least not just yet. KIDS!
I had to hand it to Joel and myself... we handled it pretty well, if I do say so... This is what we get for allowing them to stay up later than the norm for the holidays... It adds up, I tell you. That missing sleep leads to some craziness that you just don't think should exist!

TIP: When they are afraid - you know - of monsters in the closet, or spooky sounds made by the wind.... or when your barely-old-enough-to-know-what-dying-even-means-yet child starts fearing 'old age' (6 or 7?!) and dying one day... Reminding them to focus on the fun and exciting adventures they want to experience while here does seem to help. Give 'em something good to think about. Then, RUN! (Kidding about the "run" part!)
A QUOTE: "It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." ~Tony Robbins
WHIDFML: Made a batch of new gluten-free CHOCOLATE cookies, thanks to a good friendy!! Woot!

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