Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Out of the Fog, and Into the Fresh!

You ever notice how when you try too hard, your brain turns into a foggy frenzy of gibberish and confusion? Well, I'm still working on that! {Will likely be a life-long work-in-progress, but alas, I'm moving in the right direction!}

I've had a breaky-poo - and now - 'tis time I give this here blog a little attention, and allow my brain-smatterings an opportunity to benefit parents (or generally people) all the world over! Woohoo! 

And with this fresh-appeal, comes a little color-update and general layout-rehab. If you recall (back in October of last year, the only time I wrote here in that span) - I had a drab-looking, rainy-window kind of background, and a deep black center with white type. Kind of fitting considering the ups and downs that were splattered upon these pages (and the lacking time and energy I had to really put into this resource.) 
But now? Now, you see a warm and welcoming center (inner-self, anyone? Refer to previous post!) and a jet-black, blank slate of opportunity surrounding and highlighting the brightly-lit center. Also falls in line with my feminine-with-an-edge appeal. Hmmmm.... Fitting indeed.

And maybe (JUST maybe) you'll see more consistent write-ups again toosies! Now, what more could you ask for? Me thinks I'm going to hone-in on some of the funnies, the freakies, and the "stresserations" - as my heart deems necessary. [Per the little ladies, we sometimes become 'stresserated' around here. Think of it as a cross between 'stressed' and 'frustrated' - mashed together in Kindergarten-friendly lingo.] 

Whatever the mood of the day might be, you'll see a consistent push to move inward. This process of blogging will serve as my online journal... whilst giving other parents and peeps around the globe an opp to see that they are not alone, that they can be a dedicated parent AND fully their own being, and that they can enjoy one more little blurp of 'hope', inspiration, and overflowing ideas to make life easier and more meaningful along their own journey. That's my hope, anyway! I'm also definitely going to be filling your plate with ways to positively substitute unhealthy thoughts, "poisonous" foods (deemed 'safe' by our government, but I'm learning there's more than meets the eye), and toxins in our environment. I'm super passionate about moving away from unnecessary stressers, unnecessary additives and other toxins in our foods, and negative mindsets. 

And - it's my belief that you don't have to be an 'expert' or have to go out-of-your-mind in order to implement little things - one step or day at a a time - to make your life more fulfilling and increase your overall quality of life. {Before it passes us by!}
Maybe simply by sharing more details and tips from my own journey - others will find humor, strength, inspiration, and uplift. Seems like a goal worth moving toward. 'Tis a win-win, after all; We're all here to lift one another up... Mama likey!

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TIP: Fuel yourself - mind, body, and spirit!

WHIDFML: Conspired with a much-loved soul-sista of a friend in finding a shared passion to celebrate with the world! 'Tis a process... baby-steps and all - but forward momentum. (You will likely be hearing more about these things over time, so stay tuned!)
A QUOTE: "Every choice moves us closer to or farther away from something. Where are your choices taking your life? What do your behaviors demonstrate that you are saying yes or no to in life?" ~Eric Allenbaugh

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