Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One of My BEST Mommy-Decisions EVER!

Oy-yoy-yoy.... You're gonna start to wonder if I write about anything beyond poop & puke on this site.... But I digress. Seems like one of those unavoidable life-scenarios - and so why not find some humor or 'good' within? Show me my silver lining. (Any fans of this here tune by First Aid Kit? I recommend checking it out! Pretty much sums up my approach to life.) :)

So - after our last family-puke-fest some months ago - I decided, "What the hell? I'mma gonna put a bucket into each kiddo's bed. Maybe (JUST maybe) they'll use it." Several months passed. One eve before night-night - The KG'r (Addie) mentioned that her 'tummy hurt'. I thought, "Oh goody. Should be a fun night ahead." Turns out - my instincts were on. BUT - there was a pleasant surprise in the mix. 

'Tis the middle of the night, and I awake to "Mommy, Mommy - - - she's throwing up!!!!" Big sis Myla was on duty for bringing us parents (by that - I mean me) abruptly to Addie's aid. "Oh shit!", was all I could muster as I sprung out of bed and flew into their room. I imagined I'd be spending the remainder of the night bouncing between holding a bucket, and tending to bedding in the laundry.

Whaaaaat? Could this BE???? The clearly-smarter-than-I-give-her-credit-for little munchkin had her head right over her bucket already - funneling the stuff away from bedding - entirely!

I immediately felt a weight off of my shoulders and the idea of sleeping on the couch downstairs and being woken up every half-hour to hour for the next 5 seemed like a pin-drop of a problemo compared to the dreaded puke-laundry. Woot! I'll take it...

As an added bonus - no one else in the house fell victim to the stomach bug.

TIP: Buckets IN Children's BEDS - ALWAYS!!!!!!
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