Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Diapy-Butts: One Down! (Sort Of)

We're only buying diapers for one... and a half. (We still put Myla in diaps for bed - since she doesn't yet wake up from the need to go.) 
Myla's been in underware for about a month now. The first couple of weeks were my test of diligence in the laundry department. Limited training-pants-style-underware (and limited denim) meant routine washings for that duration.
However! We have since graduated to regular use of the p.o.t.t.y! Score - 3 points for mom and dad (and lots of candy, treats, and prizes for the potty-star!)
How'd we finally do it, you ask? Well... we just put them on her. (Very tricky amidst the kicks, wails, and attempted running away...) Auntie Kimmy and her friend Sammy kicked things into high gear one day when they "encouraged" (read: forced and then tried to calm and comfort her). Eventually, she realized how much easier it was to just go on the potty - rather than wetting herself and/or crying hysterically over something that was inevitable. 
We'd watch for the signs... Sitting in the Buddha position, wiggling from side to side. We'd set her on, try to calm her, and she'd ultimately have to give in to nature. 
Now - She comes up and tells me (although indirectly - at least it's a step!) by saying, "Hi Mommy," While holding herself. Hm... Whatever. I'll take it! She even sat like a big girl on the big potty at the store the other day!! [insert glowing pride here]
Once she really has this mastered, we're onto number 2 -- Addie that is. Perhaps being taught by her big sister will make that transition that much easier for us??? I won't hold my breath... but I might just dig out the Margarita mix and PLAN on kicking-back somewhat for round-two ;) She's much less dramatic, so I have some level of hope here!

TIP: Mini-potty seats that fit on top of the regular ones are miracles! She took to this much better than a small version of a potty. They run about $7 at Walmart - and have a carrying handle and everything; Very travel-friendly.....
A QUOTE: "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." ~Andy Warhol
WHIDFML: Enjoyed the opportunity for a lazy-day - among the lightening and thunder, rain, and little girls sleeping-in!! :)

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