Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Way or the Highway

AH! Her face... so innocent, right? Well - she has her moments... charming, funny, clever... and occasionally thoughtful too! But this girl is the embodiment of the term "my way or the highway", generally speaking. 
'Twas a weekend morning, after a grueling few weeks of daddy working-sleeping-working-sleeping, and after a celebratory bonfire and dinner hosted here for grandma's birthday the previous night. Of course, even after being put to bed later than usual so she, too, could enjoy a toasted marshmallow, she awoke far too early. (It was later than her norm, but she needed more... trust me on this one! *And so did we.*) 
"Daddy", She whispered, "Can we go downstairs and watch a show and eat a snack?" 
"ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz", came daddy's reply. 
"Myla", I yelled in a whisper, "Let daddy get some more sleep. He's been working hard, and we both need some more rest this morning. Lay here and rest with us..." 
Myla: "Nooooooo" (in a hushed, but pressing tone)... "I want to go downstairs."
Me: "Not yet, Myla. Rest some more - you're tired too."
Myla: "I don't like to rest anymore." 
Me: "Then go back to bed."
Myla: "I don't like my bed."
Me: "Then go downstairs by yourself. You know how to turn on the TV."
Myla: "I don't like to be by myself."

Me: "Bailey is down there." (Family Dog)
Myla: "I want you to come with me."
Me: "Not just yet, Myla... A few more minutes...."
Myla: "This is NOT gooooooood." 
Me: [Silent laughter, to avoid waking Joel............. Okay. Now I'm up.]

TIP: Sometimes it's easier to just get up with the kid - and perhaps rest on the couch? than it is to argue ;)
A QUOTE: “The fundamental qualities for good execution of a plan is first; intelligence; then discernment and judgment, which enable one to recognize the best method as to attain it; the singleness of purpose; and, lastly, what is most essential of all, will-stubborn will.” ~Marshal Ferdinand Foch
“Time has a way of demonstrating that the most stubborn are the most intelligent” ~Yevgeny Yevtushenko
WHIDFML: Got some things accomplished... followed-by getting some plans made for accomplishing some additional things :)

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