Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mommy Doesn't Like Baby-Sitting...

Laughing already? Me too! She's right... I'm not so hip on 'baby-sitting'. I love my daughters, and am glad to have the opportunity to be home with them, but I'm not supposed to feel like I'm BABY-SITTING! It's supposed to be different when it's "your own kids" - hahahaha! Yeah, anywho... I'm going on roughly a month of no 'mommy-day'; These are days that I've grown to not only appreciate, but count on... and desperately NEED. I mean, again, I adore my babes, but we need those mommy-breaks. And, when I don't get one for an extended period of time, I find myself falling into that whole 'my brain can't finish a thought again' mode. Wait... what was I just saying? Oh - right! Okay - something about my brain getting fried. Love, Love, LOVE 'em! But, need time away to refresh as well. With 2 little ones at your feet - it kind of feels a lot like, well, chaos at times!

Funny how the girl put it. Joel says, "Hey - I'm gonna head up and start some food... Can you manage this one?" (meaning Myla) I gave him the "For REALZIES?!?" look of "DUDE, I'm FRIED - and I can't get up..." Myla seemed to catch on [though she'd been overhearing my discussions with Joel about (finally) formulating that "plan-b" for when the retired grandparents become unavailable for a day off... I guess I should be more cautious about being within earshot!] She looked at me, and looked at him with a pout, saying, "Mommy doesn't like baby-sitting." We laughed! She did too - she gets that I love her with all my being, and even said she has fun when she's with me! ;) So that was reassuring. 

TIP: Just do it. [I'd have taken my sis up on her offer to help out at times like these - but she's been so busy too lately - I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'll definitely need to give her a buzz. The girls have been talking about her a lot lately. They miss her!]
A QUOTE: "This is ridiculous. It's crazy. I feel like I'm babysitting, except I'm not getting paid." [Insert gum-chomping and eye-rolling here]  ~Stef, in The Goonies
WHIDFML: Bought & tried a gluten-free soft-baked cookie found in the natural foods section at Cub. Not many in there for the price - but it's all healthy - and considering that - they're rather good! Also picked up some Betty Crocker gf choc-chip cookie mix! Can't wait to try. If it's as good as their gf cake mix - I'll be SOOOOO happy! [I miss cookies.]

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