Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Memory-Made-for-Laughter!

Sometimes, I actually (unexpectedly) forget some of the funniest instances that I've been privy to witness. How is that possible? I don't know. I suppose it's that left-over 'baby-brain'. (Er, mommy-brain - as we moms tend to take on each child's thinking for them until they are able to process thoughts thoroughly for themselves [you know - like for 22 years!] - and often, even our husband's 'brains' as well. I guess that answers that question!) Enter, my bro-in-law - king o' funny! He dare not forget a funny moment. They should, after all, be cherished forever! Thankfully, he reminded me recently about a Mack-Moment, as it occurred at the Mack Family Farmstead a couple of years back... It helps to know their dad, but 'tis a grand memory nonetheless. I myself don't want to forget it again - so if this bores you - just proceed to the next post and we'll call it good.
The farm house has one door in the kitchen, and one located at the opposite end of the building leading to the front through the dining room. I have my back to everyone as I'm doing some post-dinner dishes... Joel is nearby, drying them for me, and his mom is also in the room - chatting with us. His dad walks in through the kitchen door... and pauses mid-way between the kitchen and dining room. He glances back at Joel and his mom who have stopped talking to try to figure out what his dad is doing just standing there. What makes it more ironic, is that although he is the one who pauses en-route, he also begins the 'circle of whats'. As his dad glaces back toward the kitchen, he lets out a disgruntled "WHAT?" Joel resounds with another, "WHAT?" (only in a higher tone, as in - "what yourself?") To which his mom replies, "WHAT?!?!" Nothing else was said, and their dad rolls his eyes, turns, and continues through the house - going back OUTSIDE through the opposite door!!!! Joel and his mom continued their conversation as though nothing out of the ordinary just happened. I was literally in tears for HOURS afterward. I couldn't stop thinking about the charade - and all of the little nuances that made it so memorable! I think people bring up things like that just to hear me snort when I laugh that dang hard ;)

TIP: Family - there for you... They never let you forget. Sometimes - that's a GOOD thing! 
A QUOTE: “Laughter is the closest distance between two people.” Victor Borge
WHIDFML: Set up the girls' room with a bunk-bed, and they are LOVING it! Me too... they have so much fun in their 'new room'.

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