Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Now I remember!

I was going to tell you about the time I went to cut Addie's bangs again - - 
Because, as it turns out, Myla inherited a much better memory from some unknown source (neither her dad nor I!) She recalled a rather, um, shall we say....... traumatic incident involving the sharpened snipps... I trimmed up Myla's bangs with great success. However, after trimming Adelyn's lovely locks the last time, they turned out a bit short for my taste. Didn't quite flow with the rest of her 'flow'. I guess it was a stressful time, because I kind of melted down and shed a (what I thought had been) quiet tear over the mishap.
So, upon announcing that it was now "Addie's turn" for the inevitable bang-trim- Myla blurted out, "But mommy! You cried the last time you cut Addie's hair, remember??" Well, this time I laughed, because that was pretty damn cute.  And, I learned from that situation - This time, they were JUST right!!

TIP: Live, Love, Laugh... and learn! 
A QUOTE: “Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.” Oscar Wilde
WHIDFML: To determine what needs fixing on the computer, some 'tests' had to be run. I chose some nice, warm, sunny days (today, for example) to run tests... and disconnected from the www - spending almost ALL day outside. Did I mention I got in a 45 min power-walk with the girls along the river today? Yep.

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