Friday, December 30, 2011

NOW that I'm Jinx-Free!

(Christmas, 2011!)

Sooooooooooo! That whole thing about life's challenges propelling us forward... YES. It is THE best way to look at it - as it usually does prepare us for our future, besides. I believe I've finally found the ideal drop-in child-care situation!!!!!! HALLELUJAH - sing with me (hall-le-eee-lu-jah!) I know I'll depend on this more in the summer months - as I become busy with processing wedding photos again - and so - I've already got the littlest one enrolled for the remainder of this winter season. I'll choose a day when the older girl is in school for the day, and drop off the littlest lady at the new spot for the day - freeing-me-up! 

It's drop-in care with no commitments or minimums, is affordable, and through a well-renowned school district nearby! WOOT! My biggest hang-up with delving into this was trusting the people who would be caring for my kiddos. Now that this hurdle is no longer in the way - bring it on! It's an answer to my prayers - as I not only need this time for my brain to occasionally have the luxury of functioning without interruption, while enabling my internal energy-stores to be re-charged, but I need it for keeping up with life as well.

I was chatting with a close family member (who doesn't have children, but has experienced some of the 'trials' with us when we were young, and our children) about having found this diamond-in-the-rough. She congratulated me on locating this, and recognizing that I need this for myself. While it may deserve a pat-on-the-back in some regard (since I know that many wouldn't realize or accept this need), I reminded her that ANY parent "needs" this opportunity. I am a free-spirit, with perhaps a greater overall need for time to myself... but all parents need time away from their beloved children to be better parents. Quality over quantity! 

Let's get one thing straight & clear: I ADORE my babes! I've been dreaming about being a "mother" since I was old enough to convey that message... and I'm grateful beyond words. I'd do nothing differently, and wouldn't change it for the world! My priorities are creating a meaningful and lasting bond with these amazing people whom God has entrusted to me. I LOVE the fact that I can be home with them, while also thriving on a part-time career (2 now!) that I also thoroughly enjoy - also contributing income toward the family's goals. With that said, it doesn't change the fact that my brain needs a day to function on a regular basis - without constant interruption. I don't really think that's asking too much. I think that many parents would agree. In fact, I know of many who choose to work outside of the home so that they have greater balance. That is their prerogative, and to each their own! But for me, I knew I wanted to be their full-time care-giver. It's a truly FULL-time job (as in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!), and I do require a tiny bit of 'vacation' in there - to listen to my heart and rejuvenate! So now - I can look forward to that no matter what is going on. I need not depend on one person to provide that luxury any longer. This is a hurdle-overcome! 

TIP: Sometimes we need a gentle "nudge" or push in the right direction. So heed that, and do what you gotta do!
A QUOTE: "Be real, Be free, Be happy." ~ Unknown
WHIDFML: Spent the week both girls were at home for holiday break doing special projects with them! That's for another post :)

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