Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Change O' Plans~

We did it! We found our family's ideal camper unit. It's a hybrid (hard sided camper - with tent pop-outs for beds on the ends.) J & I miss our tent, if you can believe that... Howeva - tenting with toddlers isn't exactly practical, particularly on road-trips. I have fond memories growing up, of my family's travels, and I want to make those kinds of memories with my own little ladies & the hub. It's much more compact than our current giant-house-on-wheels... Will traverse mountains with ease, and enable more spontaneity. Plus, it was a deal we couldn't pass up!

This season, J and I were poised & ready to tackle that bunny-hill in Lutsen, snowboards tethered to our boots, and my fear of heights put to the test in order to kick something off the ol' bucket-list. But alas, this Winter has been more of an extended Spring. I'm not complaining about that. I've been enjoying the lack of bitter-cold & snow... In addition, it gives me more reason to justify putting-off my desire to attempt snowboarding for one more year - when we can look forward to better ice snow pack - & therefore hopefully less pain in my ass, quite literally.

We decided to put our tax refund on the new camping mobile instead. It goes against everything inside of me; I tend to prefer experiences over 'things'. This particular 'thing-exchange' is much easier to justify though - when you consider the oodles of experiences it will enable us to endeavor! We're already looking forward to a maiden voyage road-trip to Yellowstone with the kiddos! Seems a grand 1st time out - taking it slowly so they don't resent being in a vehicle for too long at one time. It should equate to our being able to pay this off by the end of this year as well. In that case - bring it! 

We shall forgo this particular extra-curricular as a couple, (and seek another means of reveling in some couple-time this year) in order to acquire this family vehicle - equipped for extended stays in very natural locales for the long-run. So be it!

Sometimes, it's not that we 'can't have it all'... [I've been told that since I can remember, but I've been gleefully proving that theory wrong over and over... I've never been one to 'settle' for anything.] It's more like, we can't have it all at once. Sorting out priorities is the challenge. J & I are getting pretty good at it! Cheers to that~

TIP: We'll have ZERO TV on our camping excursions. There will be hand-held children's learning games, reading toys, magna-doodles, & sticker books... along with plenty of stretching at local hot-spots to check out along the way! 
A QUOTE: "Another thing I like to do is sit back and take in nature. To look at the birds, listen to their singing, go hiking, camping and jogging and running, walking along the beach, playing games and sometimes being alone with the great outdoors. It's very special to me."  ~Larry Wilcox
WHIDFML: Did a bit of research into some more super-foods and other healthy goodies... and we're stocking-up! Have conjured up some of the most delish foods you could imagine. The bonus is that it's real fuel for the bod too! (Healthy foods CAN be excellent-tasting... contrary to popular theory.)

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