Wednesday, November 21, 2012

High on a Mountain Top...

"High on a mountain top, we live, we love, we laugh a lot. Folks up here know what they've got, high on a mountain top... I ain't comin' down, no never, I'm not... High on a mountain top..."
Loretta Lynn - High on a Mountain Top

This has meaning for me figuratively, since I don't actually live on a mountain top... 
Living for love... Living for joy.... Living for each other... Living for what really matters! And that keeps me 'up' - happy... and I ain't comin' down no, never I'm not!
Started to (unwittingly) allow some external 'forces' affect me & my sense of what matters... Caught myself slipping - figured it out & made amends with myself & remembered I don't have to justify what I prioritize in my life... But I'm back on top of my mountain again!

In line with that, and my own Christmas ideals (Our Christmas this year, per a previous post)
- a SPECTACULAR write-up from my fave mommy-blogger, Glennon Melton:

I'd move to the mountains any day :) 

A quote: "It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute... that gives meaning to our lives. " ~Tony Robbins
WHIDFML: Limited the shopping this year, and completed it here at the computer desk, wine in hand, Christmas music playing, candles glowing, and children all nestled snug in their beds....  

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