Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kids - Helping to Maintain that PERSPECTIVE

So - - all this Christmas talk, and I was feeling weighed-down a bit by the need to 'make a decision'. Not sure why the urgency. I mean, it's September. Perhaps this was due to the fact that we were considering a stay somewhere that would require advanced reservations... Yep. Pretty sure that was it. While this may very well be something to continue contemplating for future years,  I had an overwhelming desire to just be HOME for that peaceful celebration this season. So - we're in the vehicle and I'm describing my ideal scenario to Joel - with little ears listening intently from the back seat... 
"Okay - when I think about the perfect, mellow Christmas Eve, I envision a glowing fire in the fireplace, lights twinkling on the Christmas tree(s) (we have 3!), candles flickering and filling the room with a calming aroma, Christmas music playing, some games played with the girls, and reading some Christmas stories - including "The Night Before Christmas"... and just BEING. You know - laughing, having fun, a little dancing & singing if so inspired, and reveling in some family bonding time." At this time I looked over at Joel and asked, "What do you think?!" 
Before he could answer, Myla spoke up from the back seat - clapping excitedly, with grinning eyes, "That sounds just PERFECT, mommy!" God, I love that kid! I peeked around my seat to Addie, and when our eyes met, I knew that she, too, concurred with this serene concept of a Christmas Eve that will be remembered fondly for years to come. Super-love that kid too! :)
Joel finally got his say in this (after all of the estrogen beat him to the punch) - and he smiled with enthusiasm too. "Sounds great to me!" 

That settles it! 
We'll be planning some gatherings with the ext-fams the weekend prior, for sure. Regardless of when - it isn't about avoiding family - but creating new traditions with our immediate family that are embedded in our values and our desires for embracing greater meaning during the celebration that gives greater meaning to this very time of year. We have to continue to live according to what has inherent meaning for us - regardless of past traditions. No more feeling like Clark Griswold as he revs up his chainsaw with crazy-eyes to cut down the pine tree in the front yard, determined to make his Christmas COUNT! - CHEERS!

TIP: Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year! That means - the weekend prior is wide-open for other gatherings. Make it work to your benefit! This so fits in line with my 'movement to mellow'. 
A QUOTE: "Well I'm gonna park the cars and check the luggage, and well, I'll be outside for the season." ~Clark Griswold, in "Christmas Vacation" 
WHIDFML: Took a much-needed mommy break. I'm not that into "Opener". I like to hunt, with my beau, and in a mellow-fashion... (Our lives don't depend on acquiring this meat!) I also happen to love the evenings & sunset... Not much of a morning-person. AT. ALL. The boys hunted, the girls played with Grandma & Grandpa, and mommy - stayed in her jammies ALL DAY :) Monumental. 

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