Saturday, February 6, 2010

Always Good for a Laugh!

Myla: [note: while at the DINNER table. Argh...] "Hey, I want to put some poopy in there...." 
Daddy: "Hey, ladies don't talk like that. Only icky boys talk like that. Are you an icky boy??"
Myla: "NOOOOOO! I'm a icky little GIRL!" 

Myla: "Martini!!!" 
Daddy: "What? Where'd that come from??"
Myla: "Marteeeeni!" 
Daddy: "What? What's 'martini'?"
Myla: "Wine!"

Daddy: "This is nice, sitting up here, listening to music, just all hangin' out..."
Mommy: "I bet it is - for YOU!" [I have 2 little people climbing all over me, dancing on me, jumping on me, pulling my hair...]
Mommy: "Hey - I think there is too much estrogen on this chair right now!!"
Daddy: "Yee-AH. I think there is too much estrogen in this HOUSE!"  [Face buried in hands...]

Myla: "I love my mom - she is cute! She is a princess. I am a princess. Addie is a princess...."
Daddy: "What about daddy? What is daddy?"
Myla: (pause)...
Mommy: "Is daddy a prince, or a night in shining armor??"
Myla: "YEAH. Daddy your a annarmor!" 

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