Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Human Tissue

Wow - we moms are the wearer of many hats and bearer of many badges... But who knew?!? Now, I can proudly include the honorable title of human nasal tissue as well. TADA!
Myla has formed a new habit, destined to remain unbroken apparently. She regularly digs up there - finds her gold, and hands it off to me. I remind her each and every time, "Myla - grab a kleenex and use it!" But alas, she refuses. And, rather than inevitably finding dried-up boogies laying around the house when I least expect it... I digress and take over the duty of said kleenex to ensure the ooey-gooey entity's safe disposal.
Today, as Myla retreated to the next room to continue with play, Monkey-See-Monkey-Do (baby #2) appeared to also hand off her (invisible) entity. "Boogie... Kleenex TOO! Here go!" 
Mmmmm. Thank you.... Whth? THESE are the things that no one tells you about ahead of time ;)

TIP: If a child is unsure about trying a new meat, tell them it tastes like chicken! Pretty much all meat is "chicken" in Addie's eyes. So when she asks, "Chicken?", we simply say, "Yep!" And it all goes smoothly. I guess in some cases, a white lie is beneficial to parenting. 
A QUOTE: "Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones." ~Phillips Brooks
WHIDFML: Made it to bowling, in spite of the snowy weather... and thoroughly enjoyed myself and the company of my friends! Things happen for a reason - and there was good reason I was asked to sub; So I couldn't decide against going out! The girls were both terribly crabby. (Poor daddy. Although, I had them all day like that. He endured only a few hours. We had these babies together!) ;)

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