Friday, April 22, 2011

Pretty Sure I Didn't Already Write about This....

You see... when you have kids - for whom you must coordinate and remember things, and work, and like to play, and maintain a home, etc, etc, etc - your brain is very succeptable to what has been clinically referred to as "overload". It's true! It was probably 20 years ago - by my mother's doctor. When she complained at one time of having a very difficult time storing things to memory, or recalling things day-to-day, her doc's reply was simply, "Totally normal... It's called 'overload'." (And this was a STELLAR doctor!) And so - to this day - she and I both use this term (pretty loosely.) It makes for a favorable excuse for a less-than-stellar memory capacity. It's obviously also genetic to some degree... Yet another handy excuse! Now - these are 2 reasons why this is completely out of our control. Well, I suppose not completely... I do think I could manage to 'exercise' my brain a tad more in the way of brain teasers and such...  Caffeine for the Creative Mind: 250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain     Have you not read the above list of things that occupy my already-bustling-mind?!? So - one day - when I have time... (Dang it! Fine... I'm going to make time. I don't particularly enjoy crossword puzzles... I'll think of something.)  Now I forgot what I was going to originally write about - you know - but wasn't sure whether it had already been scribed?? K, where is that puzzle??

TIP: If your friends forget certain details about your life... don't take it personally. They've probably just been busy being one brain spread out amongst 3 people - or something like that.
A QUOTE: “When I was younger I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.” ~Mark Twain
WHIDFML:  Just realized how to exercise my mind, AND prepare for some future expedition to a far away land.... Re-learn the German language! Score.

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