Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Treasures

Bet you were thinking that I was referring to my little ladies in that title, weren't ya? Well, of course they are little treasures! But, little treasures come in many varieties for us mommies. I've found a couple of note-worthy treasures in recent months that I'd like to share. 
#1) ARGAN OIL! OMG - my hair is soooo happy! I have course, frizz-prone, semi-curly hair... and this stuff is a dream! Luckily - Garnier has incorporated it into their $5 bottle of conditioner - and that makes me one giddy low-maintenance kind of girl! I don't like to fork over too much $$ for my hair products, and I don't like to need 2 conditioners (et all) to get my hair to remain calm and manageable. So KUDOS GARNIER! (I used to be able to link to Amazon for these things... but I don't know how anymore... The new Blogger is still a bit of a mystery. Perhaps at some other time. Maybe they automatically 'canceled' that for me - since I wasn't writing for so long. Oh wellsies - their loss. Kinda yours too, but you can find this product at Target for very affordable cost anyway! JOY.)
#2) HENNA, baby! Oh yeah. I hadn't realized that henna could be so easy and convenient to use. I originally thought it would wind up on walls, floors, pillow-cases, clothing... Basically, any-and-everywhere, if you prefer the nutshell version of this description. But it's been an easy learning process, and neat and tidy, producing FUN color results that actually SOFTEN my tendrils! One word: YES!  [PS: Can be found online for pretty darn dirt-cheap.]

TIP: Keep experimenting. I guess when I had the opportunity to do some research, it paid-off.  So I must also thank Google~
A QUOTE: Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. – Lucille Ball 
WHIDFML: Spent a little time loving myself. (Hey - read the quote, and get your mind outta the gutter - Oy!) 

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