Saturday, September 24, 2011

No No No...

While I normally might be found saying that to a naughty 3-year-old who is coloring all over herself with markers... Tonight - it's about NOT doing that... No misbehaving kiddos. No dog. No chores. No responsibilities. No schedule. Tonight - "No" is a good word! An integral part of a mini-sabbatical. 
Normally a fellow huntress, I'm currently a hunting-widow. My sister is struggling with an illness, and so my family is helping out. It just so happens that her husband is out of town at this time, and so there is a greater need for the family's helping hand. They've been amazing - stepping-in and basically 'taking over' (in the best possible way) while my sis heals. I was looking forward to the waterfowl outing - but I've come to embrace the opportunity to do a little bit of pleasing everyone under these circumstances. My fam doesn't have to take on more young children in addition to my sister's right now for more than a day (since I am in town)... My hubby gets to enjoy a little guy-time, I get to enjoy some ME-time, and the kids are having a blast for the time! Who's unhappy in this scenario?? "NO" one! Heehee! Kudos to my fam for giving me this little breaky-poo. XX! Just look at my pent-up brain-splatter all over these pages! Ah, online diary ~ I've missed you.

TIP: While pleasing everyone is generally an unlikely outcome, every now and then - it can happen. The key is to knowing just when that can actually apply. It's rare. So don't get hooked on the idea!
A QUOTE: "Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment." ~Lao Tzu
WHIDFML: Just had an uninterrupted listen to Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine"... Got to be one of my top faves of all time. Can't get enough of it, can never hear too much.... It's moves me. What can I say? It's fitting for my enjoyment of this MomME time... as I can literally feel my heart rate slow down, my blood pressure drop, and my muscles relax. Can't explain it. Only know it's real. When I get anxious about something, or feel stressed - this song can literally turn it around again. The power of music.

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