Saturday, September 24, 2011


So tonight, I welcomed my girls home with a glowing fire in the fireplace - it was a surprise! They were pretty excited. Arriving home in their jammies, and I in my snugglies, we snacked, read books, chatted about their day with grandma, and thanked God for our blessings. Then, I tucked them into bed, reveling in the opportunity to share that hour with them, as well as the relaxed ambiance that the room provided, lit only by the fire and surrounding candles. It was the perfect culmination of my rejuvenating weekend. Good memories made here tonight. And lots of relaxies for me too.

TIP: If 'little' things mean something to you, chances are the little people will pick up on that too. Teach them how to enjoy all of the little moments a day can offer. 
A QUOTE: "Enjoy life – there are no re-runs." ~ Shirl Lowery
WHIDFML: Bonded with my girls, fireside! :)

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