Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Raining Sunshine!

[Insert Hallelujah Chorus... here]

Seems the planets have re-aligned!!
Today was a good day:
~ We realized that having a nanny to the house would defeat the purpose of avoiding noise & distraction while working, and/ or accomplishing some things for myself. BUT, we found a referred-by-a-very-trustworthy-friend, extremely flexible, in-home day-care close by - run by a wonderful lady! It couldn't be more ideal for our needs - and she's affordable! I will have at least one day a week to count on from now on... and on busy weeks following weddings, possibly 2 (when the in-laws are also available for one). Bonus!
~ Joel and I uncovered some things that are making life as a couple pretty darn rockin' right now!
~ Auntie Debbie is totally filling us with hope and joy as she continues to provide us with much needed date-nights and other couple-breaks, now encompassing baby-sleep-overs at HER house too!!! Round one was a huge success :)
~ And last but not least, Addie deuced into the potty today!!! WHOOHOO!
Keep 'em comin', Jesus! Much appreciated and MANY thanks~

A TIP: Trying, without trying too hard, can get you very far. Just keep the faith.
A QUOTE: "When it rains, It pours" - English Idiom [Apparently it can be applied to GOOD luck as well!]
WHIDFML: FOUND some fitting, experienced, highly-recommended, well-loved by good friends' children, part-time childcare! SCORE!!!!

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