Thursday, November 11, 2010

Intense Job...

See - the thing is - you don't realize the depth of the intensity of the 'job' of raising little kids until you're already in the very throws of that tsunami! (Otherwise, who in their right mind??) Just kidding - There is something to be said for the love you feel for the little people you create with God's help... Amazing, astounding, indescribable in mere words... 

However, when you are sitting there with your husband and young ones at the dinner table, and can't complete a sentence without stopping to prevent one child from choking on their food, and the other from swallowing their entire FIST... You realize the intensity of the job!  TRUE STORY.
Then, they lived happily ever after... The End. (HAhahahahahahaHA!)

TIP: Sometimes, the best thing to do in the wake of a chaotic tidal wave, is to simply laugh. I know - I just said this recently - but it bears repeating... And I'm tired - and have no other tips for ya! Okay, I lied; Sleep... There's your newest tip. My bed is calling me!
A QUOTE: "Avoid fruit and nuts.  You are what you eat."  ~Jim Davis
WHIDFML: Started working out inside when I don't get my walks... Found that late-night stationary-biking is actually very good for the soul AND the bod... (And it has actually helped me sleep better... rather than impeding it. Shush to those nay-sayers about pre-Zzzz exercise!)

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