Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Automatic Christmas Cheer

So - Shocking, I know, but we were having a 'frustrating moment' at the ranch..... (Imagine that!) I actually don't recall the exact cause of said frustrations, but let's just say tensions were high at that moment. I do know that we were (once again) fighting kids to eat... Surely Myla pushed me over the edge... and with a scowl, I remarked something to the effect, "And little girls who don't listen, don't eat, and who sass-talk don't get any treats!" JUST as I finished this sentence, I pressed the musical hand-pump on the soap located at the kitchen sink... and my line was finished with trumpeting sounds made to the tune of "And a partridge in a Pear Treeeeee....." Pretty much an instant laugh-maker! I think we'll employ this particular Christmas 'decoration' year-round... and install musical 'buttons' on anything that might be touched during future frustrating moments... particularly in the kitchen! "...and a happy new year!..."

TIP: If your little'ns have a favorite must-have doll/ stuffed animal that they require to sleep... get 2. *(Even if slightly different... should still work.) We now have 4 'puppies' circulating - so we are never without one at bed time!
A QUOTE: “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.” ~Uknown
WHIDFML: Stopped at Aveda and got my b-day and other freebies on my "Mom-ME Day"... followed by coloring my hair a slightly new hue (by myself at home), followed by candles, tea, loud music, and lots of other little miscellaneousness. ["Miscellaneousness" not a word? I don't care! It's now my word.] ;) Insert: Created a new word~

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