Thursday, December 9, 2010


That's a pic of me getting my groove on with my little girls at the end of one of Myla's dance classes! (Pic By Joel)
I'm dancing more! 
It was one of those years where I learned a lot. I came through a bit of a storm in the way of changes, uncertainty, and realizations... That's the very-nutshell-version of that!
Here's another longer-story-made-short: I realized that I'm a little too darn 'responsible' - in general. I've always been the 'good girl' - and very 'get my work done first so I can enjoy'. An attitude-adjustment was in order! As they say... (and it's because it's true)... God works in mysterious ways. There were some tumultuous events that took place over the course of the year. But at the same time - (and I hadn't realized it then) - it was the start of a new beginning in a lot of different ways.
One big light-bulb moment came for me when I had to undergo further examination with a specialist, to determine the nature of a breast-lump found by my practitioner. Thankfully, it turned out to be nothing of concern. However, I found myself thinking about life a little bit differently in the time it took to get to that second appointment. When I say 'differently' I mean I was thinking about life in a BETTER way!
I've always had a pretty good outlook on it. I've always been a go-getter... even though determination and creative problem solving doesn't mean I'm a control freak any longer. In fact, I learned in my teenage years that you can't be in control all the time, and that it's much easier to just roll with that. But please keep in mind there is also a difference between being a follower, or allowing people to mold you to their preferred liking/ take advantage of you, and not being 'in control', as well. It's kind of a tricky in-between spot, in all reality. However - I found that I was still in need of an adjustment to my outlook - and I was due for that adjustment.
For example: I'd consistently practiced the thought-process that if I can pay off this debt, then I can enjoy this goal... Or, when I am done with _________, I can look into doing ____________. In some ways that's been a good practice. I mean, I've always lived below my means - and have never been a slave to any job. I've never had too much debt. I paid for school before buying a car. Paid for the car before buying our first home... In some ways - that was beneficial. But I can't approach everything in life like that - or in some cases, I may never get to that second "blank" (____________)!
Joel and I fell into some hard times financially that were a bit scary for us... We'd never been in a situation like that - and we couldn't have predicted or prevented it. We learned a lot, and stressed a lot... Once that situation was finally behind us, we realized that we would be hit with another large cost - roof, siding, etc... We have young kids in the mix, and we were trying to figure out how to pay down all debts (outside of our home) before doing things such as planning road-trips as a family with our camper, for example.
Then, it hit me! There will always be some unexpected something! You can't avoid it, or predict it - so you can't keep 'waiting until...' if you want to enjoy! There is a difference between paying your debts while also enjoying life, and the other 2 extremes: no enjoyment, or throwing all caution (and your money) to the wind.
So now, I'm going to be a tad less responsible! RESOLUTION NUMBER 1! We can't keep our lives on hold until everything else is in 'order' - because financially, unless you win the lottery - there really isn't such thing as 'order'. That's life. (And heck, my siblings are actually rewarded for being irresponsible with money - so I figure I can finally let loose with that a bit, and pay things down as it fits! We're still doing what we need to do, and we're not taking advantage of anyone in that process!) But we're going to strive to strike a better balance with it. That leads to RESOLUTION NUMBER 2! Plan more trips! This one is two-fold. First, we're going to start looking at places to visit around the country in our camper. The girls are getting to an age where that is going to be appropriate. And, if they don't remember a certain location well enough by the time they reach an older age - we'll just have to go there again! Even if we can plan on every-other year... that would be excellent. One year to plan, one to do; both are fun! Plus, we still need to fit in a summer visit to the GFT! Second, Joel and I are going to make an annual tradition out of going on a couple's retreat. (Well, a few small ones, locally, during the year, as well as a longer one - AWAY.) This year - Arizona! It's amazing around there!! With our love for nature, we couldn't pick a better place to explore together. Everywhere I drove when I was there - was breathtaking, and the scenery changed so much!! And, he's never been to the Grand Canyon! Looking forward to sharing all of that with him. He'll also get the chance to meet someone who I really click with - a dear friend who lives out there. That gives you an idea. It's a start. As the girls get older, we'll explore other countries too! Many ideas swirling around in our heads... like those sugar plums.
And, RESOLUTION NUMBER 3! Date nights that are more than just dinner out! We've been coming up with some fun things to do together. Some cost nothing, and involve a walk around Saint Anthony Main and the Stone Arch Bridge. Others, may cost something, like the comedy club, but result in great shared laughter. We had a blast experiencing things like the Hoot at Lake Harriet last year... and celebrating a close friend's (and now family by marriage) 30th birthday - VIP - dancing away the night together downtown at Aqua this year... Just a couple of examples! Joel and I went hunting more this season than we have over the past 4 seasons! We're going ice-fishing this winter, and , and and... More of that. Less rushing/ worrying about the time. More of what we enjoy!
RESOLUTION NUMBER 4! More family outings. We need to get these girls out to explore more territory now that they are old enough to play together and enjoy it. I love being a family!
RESOLUTION NUMBER 5! More time for ME. (Already started this one - WHOOHOO!) I am, after all, a free-spirit. Given that, I have to foster that spirit on a regular basis. AND, this is also going to provide me with more time to write, as well as paint - both of which I enjoy greatly. I have 2 books in mind... May not happen until kids are in school... but just maybe I'll have more opportunity for working on projects like this sooner than later? I've been collecting art supplies too! Have some projects in mind for my girls :)
[Joel needs his me-opps as well - as the girls grow more!]

RESOLUTION NUMBER 6! Trying new things we've always wanted to try. (ie: I'm determined to try snowboarding!! Yay!)
RESOLUTION (lucky) NUMBER 7! - Cooking together - and trying new recipes! (And therefore me getting back into cooking!) Each time we try something new - we realize we need to try many new foodie ideas - more often! Plus, we have so much fun when we work on it together - now that the girlies can entertain themselves during that time. It's great daily couple-time, and tangy on the taste-buds too!
RESOLUTION-ALL-ENCOMPASSING: Find some humor in everything (or at least every day!)

And finally, one "thing" goal we both would enjoy (WILL enjoy - one day - down the road): a hot-tub. Just a small one - so we can relax during some movie/ favorite-show watching in there in the winter months!We both still talk about 'when we have our hot-tub...' Fireside relaxation, intermingled with hot-tub movie/fave show-watching - will mean winter is that much more exciting! (Even after it gets long.)
If I think of anything else... I may add... But otherwise, you get the gist of it! It's great having it down on (cyber)-paper, and official! Regardless of which blog I choose to utilize to record the happs - I'll be enjoying them thoroughly!

TIP: Think it through, write it down (or type). Goals are best achieved when there is something tangible helping to move you along, and remember what it is that is important to you about those items.
A QUOTE: “I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” ~Jimmy Dean
WHIDFML: Connecting with 2 fabulous friends who I cannot wait to see again! Harder to get all schedules to jive, but worth it!

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