Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Milestone Alert: Let There Be Light!

For years now, we've taken fairly extreme measures (think dark material tacked all around the outer framing of the window to block any remaining light from entering around the edges of the shades), preventing any TRACE of daylight from entering the girls' room in the early morning. It's common for young kids to be timed with sunrise & sunset - to trigger their natural sleeping patterns. But I wasn't about to wake that early on a regular basis after the infant stages  -  and neither was big sis - who was apparently already past this stage, and has always been a late-sleeper! So we did everything in our power to prevent the uber-early rise... and it has been working pretty darn swell. 

Fast-forward to today, and it's going on approximately a week of light-exposure (lifted shade on window), that has not prompted earlier waking times!! [GLEE!] We may have crossed over into a new dimension with this. 

What prompted the desire to let in the light? Well, our hybrid camper tent-ends don't exactly filter out daylight... We're hoping we can begin to 'train' them, and avoid waking around 5:30 in the morn during all seasonal get-aways this year! 

BONUS: A more welcoming kid-room, more light filtering through the living area of the house, and we can also now open a window to let in some fresh air too! 
Cheers to all of that!

TIP: "Okay To Wake Clocks" - as can be found on Amazon.com - also aid in keeping little feet from pitter-pattering toward your bedroom in the still-too-wee-hours. Worth the $30 in assisting with this routine any day (particularly for the night-owl momma)!
A QUOTE: "Live in rooms full of light."  ~Cornelius Celsus
WHIDFML: Began walking outdoors again - wagon and kids in-tow.    Fresh. Air. 

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