Sunday, April 1, 2012


Soooo... Interestingly enough, I haven't had an opp to write in a while, and this particular occasion comes after another tornado dream. The difference? This one was so obvious to decipher. Joel & I were at odds in this dream, about the best place to hunker-down with the kiddos as the impending fleet of tornadoes abruptly made their way toward our locale'. He thought we should all be near this sink (?? - That piece, I have yet to decipher!) And I thought we should be down on the ground curled up together, to avoid the plethora of debris sure to come crashing through the windows above said sink. (Still don't get this sink thing - but I think it's besides the point.) All in all - we wound up on the floor. So that was a good thing. Not because I "won" the argument, but because I felt relieved and reassured that we were doing our best to protect our little people from impending doom.

I'm pretty sure this is my unconscious mind trying to work out some unresolved concerns over snakes, bears, & keeping kids safe during an upcoming vaca to snake & bear country. (That, or my intuition is warning me about another stormy season this summer.) Upon waking, I told Joel that we had better figure out the best way to prevent our snake-loving, curious little cat of a 4-year-old from approaching Rattlesnakes when we go on our camping trips this year. (Not many here in our state, though they do reside in the southern portion where we'll visit during one outing - as well as out west, where we intend to road-trip later in the year.) Between venomous snakes and grizzly bears, I'm trying to really prepare for how best to keep little feet from tip-toeing where they shant.

I was intrigued that Joel went from an initially nonchalant "Eh... Just don't worry about it..." to a concurring, "Yeah - we better buy a snake bite suction kit and some bear spray..." Thank you Amazon, for that little piece-of-mind... And, thank you subconscious mind, for urging me to seek an agreed-upon resolution!

TIP: Found the absolute PERFECT kids' book, All About Rattlesnakes (This is the updated version, though the info probably hasn't changed very much!) The best part? I found the previous version at Half-Priced Books - for $2. Woot! NOW the girlies really get how these reptiles - though fascinating - are also dangerous to people. We also picked-up a GPS with lifetime updates so we can be sure to find ourselves a nearby hospital, Heaven forbid we should need one.
A QUOTE: "All of us deserve a greater peace of mind, knowing that our children are better protected wherever they are." ~Bob Ney
WHIDFML: Joel and I sold our Babe-the-Blue-Ox-sized camper, and are patiently awaiting the arrival of the new little, simple, hybrid camper that will take its place!! Although impractical with little kids, we miss tenting. Now, this camper is the best of both worlds - with tent-end pop-outs, on a hard-sided trailer. Can't wait for more spontaneity, more outings overall, and the inclusion of cross-country road-trips!! 

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