Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Milestone Alert: No More Naps!

It was bitter-sweet initially, and somewhat intimidating. I mean, I was depending on those 2 hours of sleepy-time for the littlest lady each day - as that translates to work-time for mommy. But then things all fell together!
~ No napping means the littlest lady falls asleep at bedtime, and doesn't lie awake keeping the older sister in the bunk above her awake too...
~ Little sis isn't waking up early after napping the day before, and waking big sis up early too.
~ The above 2 points equate to a much more well-rested older sister each day! (Direct Bonus!)
~ They are both sleeping-in for the most-part... and waking at nearly the same time. (As close in age as they are, they share a recommended number of hours of sleep per day for their age range. Kids their ages need 12-14 hours of sleep each day; They are now both averaging 12!!)
~ No napping = smooth-flowing days!! We can plan things at any time, and not have to 'hope' she's up from her nap in time... And no rushing home from things to fit the nap in!
~ I get to fit some work-time in during her lunch, and later eves; She gets to watch her fave educational kid-shows on TPT while she eats, and I get to catch-up on work. After lunch, she happens to be fantastic about occupying herself with coloring, games, "scissoring" (they are practicing that in school!) and playing with her toys & dolls. I should have known that Little Miss Independence would work it like that - woot! Then, we have our time spent together in there too - The time of the year for this transition is especially good - since we can now really enjoy getting outside :)
I'm totally digging this new freedom-promoting, napless lifestyle!

Now... If we could just figure out how mommy can squeeze in a nap!!

TIP: Was told by a friend (who also happens to be family) that it is recommended that any sleep transition be given at least 3 days for full adjustment. It seemed just about exact! There is still that inevitable 'witching hour' - but now they both share the same mid-afternoon slump (at about the time I normally do)... At least we all get it over-with together - ha! 
A QUOTE: "Sleeping is no mean art:  for its sake one must stay awake all day."  ~Friedrich Nietzsche
WHIDFML: Got caught-up with some personal writing while awaiting my next formal writing assignment. This doesn't feel so much like a job - as I spill my overflowing mind all about ;)

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