Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Milestone Alert: We Made It!

Haha - I need to update to some pix featuring the greenage that is spreading among the yard during Spring's early arrival! Lovin' that! 

Know what else Joel and I are LOVIN' this year?? The fact that we can choose to work in the yard, or simply relax in it - - - while the girls play together within our sight - on their own!! This day has finally arrived! We have made it past the "hovering" stages, and we can now let them run free (within reason), whilst we do the same! Truly a milestone worth celebrating ~ Talk about feelin' free :)

These wonderful outdoor cushions should get a little more wear this season... and many regular yard-maintenance projects will receive their due attention as well. Man, I love he who invented the non-motorized push reel mower! Fresh air, sun, quiet (comparatively), exercise, and enjoying the yard while cutting the lawn gets two-thumbs-way-up from this outdoorsy diva!

So does swaying waywardly on a back-yard-swing on a warm summery day with some tea or a Mojito in-hand ;) Cheers!

TIP: Having kids close in age can be challenging in the beginning... But it comes with grand rewards for your extra-hard work. 
A QUOTE:"Independence is happiness." ~Susan B. Anthony
WHIDFML: Took the opp of having no grandparent day for the girls, to introduce the littlest lady to her drop-in daycare site. She had fun, and hugged the blond boy with spiked hair goodbye after 'school'. HA! I also took this opp for my quarterly massage. Did I mention I splurged on a facial as well? I earned it! ;) Delish!!

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