Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Instilling Fear...

Isn't it sad? We have to instill fear into the hearts of our children to protect them. "Don't talk to strangers." Yes, there are nice strangers who truly do want to simply say hi and elicit a smile from an innocent child. Then again, there are creeps out there who want to steal them away from us or do them harm... And then there is that tricky place in between - "Yes honey, you can trust this teacher/ nurse/ doctor/ care-provider that we've just met - because they have undergone background checks to be in these positions..."
We have to teach them about all kinds of dangers as they develop & grow, to keep them from unwittingly doing harm unto themselves - or to prevent others from harming them. It's a bit of a frustrating recognition, and yet, a necessary evil in this thing called life.

What's even more sad? The fact that we have to instill fear into adults to get them to take action against the corporate upper-hand who maintains an ability to pay-off anyone to say anything to make their big $$. I've begun using any 'spare time' I have to follow-up on researching those rumors that pop-up about the possible hidden dangers that lurk in our foods, our cleaning products, our food & drink packaging.... I've been beyond grateful for this go-green-generation... masses of people seeking a return to nature and simplicity and REAL, authentic, HEALTHY - truly natural foods, cleaning methods, etc ~ 

Thanking God that this hippie-chick is alive during this new revolution, since I obviously couldn't be here for Woodstock. However, the reality is that as long as the big-buck-corporations can keep something hidden to maintain their bottom line... they will - regardless of who they are hurting in the process. I can't believe they can get away with some of this crap! And the FDA? HA! I trust things MORE when they are NOT FDA approved. They get paid the big bucks to let things 'slide' as well... Trans fats (hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils), canola oil, margarine, gluten, artificial hormones fed to dairy cattle, cigarettes, the effects of GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods on the nutritional values of foods, the effects of pesticides & fertilizers on humans & waterways... the effects of putting soy into everything, and the list goes on & on. Think about what it takes to even get the word out there... And then when someone does (this is when I tend to THANK the news propaganda for their drama-riddled desire to leak info!) - people go "Ah... yeah right. The FDA says it's okay... So what's the big deal?" What?!?! 

It takes big efforts from small groups of folks who are dedicated to letting the truth be known. Watch "Super Size Me", "Tapped", "An Inconvenient Truth", "Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster - Surviving Disaster", "The Future of Food"... Documentaries are the BEST! So informative. Most of the people who make them don't have a good reason for doing so - outside of making the truth apparent... They don't have oodles of money to create these docs, and aren't going to attain fame or fortune from (trying to) get it published. Discerning fact from fiction isn't as hard as it seems - when you toss a little common sense into the mix of info you take-in.

I tell you what. I notice things - differences in my ability to think, to function 'normally', energy, weight management, sleep quality, etc, etc, etc... Sometimes - I just struggle to find the newest source(s). As I learn about the potential harm a substance might do to me or mine - I'm going to do whatever I can to avoid being poisoned by the people who are living the high-life off of our losing battle with quality-OF-life. I just wish there was some kind of greater agency out there who would push aside those green-backs to tell us the TRUTH - and make certain legal obligations are in place to keep society healthy! Most people don't make the kind of time necessary to research these things on their own... and then most won't believe you if you share... (or won't think it's worth it/ a big enough problem/ can't see any direct link in their lives, etc.) GREED brought down many of the previously fallen societies. America isn't immune to it either. Not so much a matter of "if", but "when"... and I'm a glass-half-full type of girl (usually)! Prob is - we can't keep going like this. Something has got to give.

TIP: Even if your tap water comes from an aquifer (underground spring) - it goes through a treatment plant where they add things like chlorine & fluoride. Glennwood Spring Water is sold in safe plastic jugs (both the 1-gallon & 2.5 gallon jugs; NOT safe in a water-cooler-jug) without these added chemicals. Yay!
A QUOTE: "We have too many high sounding words and too few actions that correspond with them."  ~Abigail Adams
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