Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Just In: Stress Shrinks your Brain

Recently heard a news story - there has been a revelation! Stress has a negative affect on our brains - causing it to literally shrink - reducing the number of cells, our memory capacity, and other functionality. WOW! The things our money goes into researching. We can't get rid of people who knowingly cause us to drink plastic and eat things that our bodies can't properly digest... But - we will pay good money to science to teach us what we (or any parent at the very least) already knows. Maybe we could use another great flood.

I experienced this great reality of the stress = shrinkage discovery first-hand today... ALL day. As I sit here typing my mommy-blog - it's because I have to keep my mind on SOMETHING while my 4-year-old proceeds to scream, cry, beg and plea to 'go to grandma's house'. I took an extreme measure today to teach her a lesson in respect. She has been suddenly employing her little x-friend's mind-games/ attempted manipulation, back-talk, and general sass. So - since taking away treats, shows, toys, etc weren't working... it was time to haul-out the big-dogs. Today was my 'day off' - and the day for them to spend with grandma. Well, the other angel of a child, miss Myla, got to go and have a fun day with the retired grandparents. Addie however, was kept home. So much for my day for ME - but hopefully this opportunity will get the point across to Addie - that WE are in charge... NOT her. She literally screamed and cried all day - with the exception of a nap where she fell asleep. UN-REAL. Day from hell, pretty much! But, I'm catching up on my blog, and getting out some vented frustrations in that process ;) Radio is up (loud)... and I'm type-type-typing away. All other ploys (putting her to bed, putting her in the play-room w/ door closed, etc) didn't work to keep her quiet. So - I just started to ignore her - you know - like she was doing to ME? Yeah - anyway - she actually recently fell asleep again. (Focus on the small miracles every day.) Must be tiring to cry and scream for a full day... Sure pooped me out! Anyway, in my process of venting here, I find myself continually trying to find a certain word (simple words) - and I have to google related items & terminology to locate the verbiage that my shrinking brain can no longer conjure up. Coincidence? Definitely not. I mean, I have science to back me up now!

Today was kind of the clincher - after a series of road-blocks that perpetuated my daily flow. Little things that added up over the course of the past few weeks have finally blasted my brain into fragmented smitherines. Getting stuck behind the one putz who undoubtedly begins the putz-parade when in a hurry to get to an appointment on time... Going to Cub to learn that our 2.5 gal jugs are on sale - and they have NONE left. Travel to next closest Cub - still no 2.5 gal jugs. Finally, one must say "F-it", and gather the oodles of 1 gallon jugs to compensate. Finding Hormel (gluten-free & all natural) salami - and of course buying 2, only to learn (the hard way - you know - on the toilet) that the meat is bad... Having a kid with a fever - Minute-clinic co-pay for nothing... Urgent Care co-pay - STILL for nothing - as they still cannot locate any reason behind said fever. J & I leave for our mini-get-away as a couple around the time of day we expected to ARRIVE at our first destination... Everything takes us 2X the amount of time expected, and we roll into the driveway upon our return several hours later than expected, and to some frustrated care-givers. Oh - and let's not forget having a bird that shit on my head while on a long-awaited REAL hike with J (2.5 miles!) in pristine scenic wilderness... THIS has to be MOON-PHASE related! Or that damn Venus...  Whatever it is - I've (thankfully) rediscovered a sense of 'zen' - even in the midst of all of this chaos... Sometimes I get a little 'anxious'. Then, I remember to TRUST... and it helps... gradually... get me back to a place of 'good'. Now, if I could just regenerate some lost brain cells~

TIP: Coconut Oil is touted for brain-feeding/ healing properties... Check this out:
A QUOTE: "I personally believe we developed language because of our deep inner need to complain."  ~Jane Wagner
WHIDFML: I'm (once again) looking for that open door that appears when the one I was initially heading for managed to close... AND, had a solo mommy-walk along the river. :)

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