Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Simplicity is So Damn Complicated!

So - sometimes the simple act of saying "no" is so difficult. In my desire for more simplicity, more time to be spontaneous, less rushing around, and less overall stress, I've taken it upon myself to limit any unnecessary commitments over the summer months. It was hard to officially decide this, and difficult to implement it from a psychological standpoint... but now that she's all said & done, damn it feels good to be a gangsta! (Reference to a song found in the movie "Office Space". If you haven't seen it - I highly recommend.)

People simply can't take it personally, or try to turn any potential insecurities back around onto me by assuming I place myself on some kind of pedestal. The truth is, I'm placing importance on what's important to me... That doesn't mean I don't care about people & their goals... I just have to keep in line with my own goals as well. My goal? Thriving. Not merely surviving... but THRIVING. Time to relax, time to enjoy a meal as a family, time to picnic lunch outside with my girls, time to sit near the brook and listen to it babble by as it glistening in the summer sun, time to take in the smell of the pine, the sound of the frogs & crickets, the glow of a fire, the breeze in my hair. Memories. Making them with my closest people - those with whom I share an honest bond... Joel and I want to look back on memories we've made exploring our world together with the girls. We want them to have such meaningful memories to recall - reflecting on the joy, the excitement, the fondness of living in the moment with us. Hopefully they'll carry that with them into adulthood, and remember to continue to thrive.

And so - simplicity means treading a line between selfishness & self-knowledge. The way I see it, if we aren't actually hurting anyone, and we're living-out our dreams, we have more to offer people when we are in their presence. Unfortunately others often see it differently. But then again, that's their problem, not ours. If I give it my infamous rocking-chair-test... I'll gladly look back with no regrets over driving forward to fulfill our dreams and instill a sense of family in our kids, rather than appeasing those who may look down on us for it. Live & let Live!

TIP: Certain music can soothe the soul... Both for the kids when they try to sleep, and for you when you try maintain a certain level of sanity during the ebb & flow of the tides~
A QUOTE: "One man's frankness is another man's vulgarity."  ~Kevin Smith
WHIDFML: Put this amazing song on repeat: Movement & Location, Punch Brothers

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