Thursday, December 10, 2009

"My Spanks Went Away!"

OH my Lordy-Lord. Today - the spanking needed implementing yet again. Myla was being stubborn (X 2 - as she acquired this from both parents!), refusing to listen/ obey, and sass-talking... (Seriously - sometimes I think the kid is already a teenager... I have to remind myself that she's only 3.) However, I seemingly didn't apply this particular rearing with enough vigor - since she stood back, one foot forward, hands on hips with one leg bent, a gleam of defiance in her squinted, glaring eyes saying, "Hmf! My spanks went away Mama. Hmf!" So, round two... DANG! Same response from her....

So now I'm thinking, "Well SHIT. WHAT do I have to do to instill the fear of repercussion into this child!?!" I thought back to my own childhood. Many a "wooden spoon" (though cheaply made and collected by the dozen for this reason) were broken over our asses as kids - and we turned out pretty darn okay -- I think (despite the "crazy" in me!) ;) So anywho...
I pulled out the biggest rubber spatula I could find, held it up, gave her back her "glaring eyes" and asked sternly, "Maybe I'll need to use this??" She looked as though she'd just been defeated again, backed away slightly, eyes now drooped and pleading. She shook her head meagerly while uttering this reply, "No mama. I'll be good." To that I say, "Hmf!" (And THANK GOD! SERIOUSLY. What am I gonna do with her?)

TIP! The idea is really to 'scare' the kid into realizing that there are consequences to their actions... Not to physically hurt them. But apparently in my case - I have to induce pain to get my point across! HELP. (If I'm lucky - just the threat of it will do... I can hope.) Taking away the opp to watch vids, and play with dolls didn't work either! What else can I "take away" from a 3-year-old?! Can't take away food, for crying out loud!! We are in TROUBLE. Maybe if we're REALLY lucky, she'll get it out of her system now, and be a good girl in Jr. High/ High School. (Hey - like I said, I can hope! And actually, if she takes after me, this will likely be the case. If she takes after her dad - we're screwed.)
A QUOTE: "When we teach ourselves and our children discipline, we are teaching them and ourselves how to suffer and how to grow." ~M. Scott Peck
WHIDFML: Yesterday - on my day off - I ran a few errands (2 fun ones besides!)... Then, I ran a hot bath with Aveda bath salts, read a magazine by candle light, lit a fire in the fireplace, more candles, and wrapped gifts - all to the tune to Christmas music, while sipping wine! What a rejuvenating day!! I needed that!

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