Friday, December 4, 2009


You wake up... you try to fumble around getting ready - hurriedly, but also quietly - when the 3-year-old decides to join you in your efforts. (You know how quiet and patient 3-year-old children can be.) Dang. Of course she woke up! You spill something on the floor, and in the process of cleaning it up, you create a bigger mess by spilling the water... Now, you're explaining your issues to the inquisitive child, who thinks she can "help". We all know how "helpful" 3-year-olds can be too, don't we? And they always help quietly. 
It was one of those days - where everything I touched seemed to blow-up in my face. I would have been better off staying in bed. Some day, I'll do just that. But with 2 toddlers in the house, not really an option. Plus, Kimmy (sis) and I had to spend our "free money" from Kohl's that we earned on Black Friday this year!! (One week to use it.) 
Addie has accomplished 3- #2's and 2- #1's on the kid-potty now... (are you confused?!) - and we needed a special toy of celebration and further encouragement.  So, I stumbled my way through breakfast and corralling kiddos into jackets, shoes, and car-seats, and we were off. (Off our rockers, that is!)
There was a certain calm that did come over them initially - while taking in the new sights and surroundings. That lasted a good 5 minutes. After that point in time, we were "those people". You know... the ones who everyone is looking at with glaring eyes and frustration over their inability to work up the nerve to come over and smack me - for my unruly, bossy, screaming brats. In between chaotic moments of Myla crying over not getting a toy (though she was promised one if she, too, decides to be the "big girl" she claims to be, and use the potty as well), Addie crying over not being able to hold and touch or open EVERY toy, both girls screaming because they want "out" of the stroller, and the back-talk from Myla, we managed to pick out something to reward Addie for her 'achievements'. Had we not met Kim and Gracie there - I'd have been running out the door approximately 10 minutes beyond arrival, empty-handed, but still somewhat sane. But because I didn't have that luxury in this case, we quickly gathered the last of our needs/ gifts, and scurried to the nearest, shortest line at checkout. 
After all was said and done, I was met in the parking lot by an 'older' gentleman, parked next to me, who was asking his wife very loudly with irritation in his voice, "How am I gonna get into the car?!" I had 2 doors open on the truck, one screaming 2-year-old in her seat, and I was now attempting to get the writhing, screaming 3-year-old securely into hers... It's cold. I have a double-stroller parked behind the truck to be loaded. I'm thinking, "Really. NO - REALLY??? Can you HEAR? Two children. Screaming. Merry effing Christmas to you too, jerko!" (See what these crabby kids bring out in me?! College seems so far away still...) I SLAMMED the door, and then my door too... and proceeded to pack up the giant, useless stroller, while old man and his wife entered their vehicle. I slid sideways past his open-door, to get into the truck, now thinking, "NERVY! Perhaps you should close your door once you get into your car, hypocrite." (Seriously, I'm generally one to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially the elderly. But by now it should have been evident to any onlooker that this was no time to mess with Mama Bear. The steam coming out of my ears, and the tint of my skin, the furrowed brow... these things should have been plain as the nose on my face by then.) 
I'm thinking that this has to end -  soon... (Or my head might explode!) But no. It was one of those days, remember? They continued to cry and whine and scream the ENTIRE drive home... a good 20 minutes straight. I learned a valuable lesson that day. When the day starts out like that... you don't leave your house. The bills, the free money, whatever is looming on the other side of your door... it can all just wait. It's so not worth it, trust me on this one. I also learned that very loud music on the radio helps drown-out the unstoppable bellowing and bawling coming from the back seat.

Today - I need a TIP! Suggested appropriate form(s) of discipline in public locations (when simply leaving isn't an option...)?!? Next time... I'll apologize to Kim, and simply leave. She plans to have another child in the next year... She'll understand one day, if not now. 
Now I know why so many people our age who are having children have stopped after 2. A cousin intended on 6 at one time in her life. They have stopped after 2. We have friends with more, and we've asked, "How did you do it?!?" To which they replied without hesitation, "Lots of beer." I've had a few friends mention alcohol as a part of their every-day attempts at relaxation during the early child-rearing years. Maybe I need to reconsider this option? ;) 

A QUOTE: Taken from the Peanuts Treasury, by Chalres Schulz "Linus: Oh oh! Lucy's got her mad face on! No matter what I do or say today I'm going to get slugged. I might as well get it over with. (He walks to Lucy. And gets slugged.) Now I have the rest of the day to myself!" 
WHIDFML: Spent far too many hours during my last 'day off' to prepare and organize all of our tax information. It had to be done. It's complicated this year. But it is, in fact, DONE! (This is a huge weight off.)  Now all we need to do is schedule our meeting, and we're good! The rest is up to the accountant. TIP: Candlelight and music make tax-prep much more tolerable. Parenthood too ;)

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