Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Myla Moments... (To Be Continued, I'm Sure!)

Myla (Upon hearing that it is snowing outside): "Oooooh. We can go SLEDDING!!! Yay!"

Myla (Upon hearing that we'll soon be able to go out and play in the snow): "Oh Mama - You're the BEST mama - - EVER!" 

Myla (Randomly out of the blue), "My dada is my favorite boy!" (heeheeheeehee. And he'd like to KEEP it that way - until you're 30!)

Myla (While watching a new Disney Christmas show on ABC) "Hey - that's really Santa!!! He's riding on those silly creatures..." (Aka: reindeer!) Hahahahahahaha! Kids are funny.

Tonight while supposedly falling asleep in bed... 
Myla:(on the monitor) "Mama... Mama. Please come here. My eye is hurting. I need you... Pleaase.." 
Me: "What's wrong?"
Myla: "Addie poked my eyeball..." (whimper)
Me: "Hmmm. Let me tell you something here. If you stayed in your bed, Addie wouldn't be able to reach your eye, and poke it in the dark! Why don't you try staying in your bed to fall asleep?? Here. Now let me kiss it." (Smoooch.)
Myla: "I need Dada to fix it. He is stronger and he can make my eye feel better!" 

Myla: (During a crabby-melt-down after some much-needed disciplinary action was taken) 
"I want my dada to come home and get rid of your CRABBIES! Hmf!" (hands on hips.) lol - Sometimes he can do that... other times, he adds to 'em! Ha!

Myla: (Telling her dada this upon my exuberance over her beautiful "letter" created for me while at Grandma & Grandpa's house one day) "See dada. I know how to get rid of mommy's grumpies!" LMAO as I write this!

Myla: "Can we go outside and blow bubbles today?"
Me: "I think it's supposed to be pretty windy & cold today... I'll have to check the weather on the computer and see." 
Myla: "Oh. Okay. I can tell you how the weather is going. Look! (pointing out window) See?? (with a very matter-of-fact tone) It's not cold outside."

TIP! Memories are what matter most :)
A QUOTE: "Experience: That most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God, do you learn."  ~C.S. Lewis
WHIDFML: Had a major heart-to-heart fab talk with the hubby, completely reconnected, and laughed - a lot - outloud! 

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