Sunday, December 6, 2009


Seems like the girls were on a much better behavior pattern today. They both slept during naps, which helps in that regard (sometimes Myla just won't sleep...) I'm hoping this trend will continue. 
Perhaps it was all the cheer of Jolly Old St. Nicolas that put a more positive spin on the mood today. (Or, the fab music he delivered. Mommy received a new Christmas CD - Yule Swing! I LOVE Christmas music - especially all of the unique stuff out there now... and the romantic stuff... I know, I'm a sap.) He visited our humble abode last night, and left all kinds of wonderful goodies for the whole family! The girls were particularly excited about the dual-matching sets of baby bottles, sippy-cups, bibs, and pacifiers for their collection of dolls :) They love being mini-mommies. 
They also enjoyed presenting Bailey (the family dog) her chew toy and dog biscuits. 
The best gift of all, though, seemed to be the stuffed dog (the size of Addie!) who sings and dances to Christmas carols. He also shivers (even though he's adorned with a hat & scarf), and barks. It's rather cute, I must admit ;) Addie, however, thinks it's the best thing to come along since ice cream! I pressed his paw to begin the performance, and she squealed and pulled him right out of my arms and into hers. She squeezed him, then held him out in front of her. Looking him in the eyes she nodded knowingly and said, "Hold you." Then she hugged him again - all asmile, and began to dance along with him as he sang! Made my heart melt and my belly shake like a bowl full of jelly.
Many oohs and ahhs followed, while I unveiled each of the many wonderful treasures that spilled out over the rim of the giant red stocking. The puppy came wrapped separately - he didn't quite make the cut for stocking-stuffer. It did make for a rather enjoyable start to a much more pleasant day. 
Now If I can just survive this week, the rest should be nothing BUT enjoyable!! Six more days and couting.  :) 

TIP! Trying something new can be all it takes to get the babes' minds off of their crabbies. Maybe I need to mix things up a bit around here. I smell boredom ;) We will be indulging in the new activities, games, shows and books, compliments of St. Nick. Kudos!
A QUOTE: "In order to live freely and happily, you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice." ~Richard Bach
WHIDFML: I got to re-connect with some friends of the fam... Though "squeezed-in" - it was great to see them! The kiddos are growing fast :) 

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