Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Extra Inspiration!

Still dreaming about writing a book (well, a couple - maybe even a few, actually). Tried to collaborate with the chicks at "Cooking with Trader Joe's" a couple of months ago... Still awaiting a reply. That never bogs me down. Lots of doors stay stuck closed before the right doors eventually open :) 
[I'm an eternal optimist, and eternally determined!]
Anyway - you have it here: I was going to work with them on creating a gluten-free cookbook specific to products purchased at TJ's. Ya'll got my back if something turns 'sour', right? Of course you do!
In any case - the flick "Julie & Julia" made its way to the top of our Neflix Que a couple of weeks back - and I was re-inspired! I love a good true-story - and this was a Twofer (2 for 1). Bonus! I could relate to them both on different levels... Still, I'm pretty sure I relate to Julie most closely. Also got me thinking - "What makes some blogs so viral?" Real life is probably the most obvious answer - and perhaps humor coupled with humility. Maybe one day - my blog will get there. To be honest - I've been somewhat hesitant to really strive to 'publish' it on a larger scale. Trying to keep it separate from my other biz... and be genuine and real without divulging too much (precautionary stalker-avoidance). I mean - although this blog is primarily about ME, and my journey through motherhood and other related life-occurrences, it does involve my immediate family greatly. Kind of comes with the territory, given the subject matter. But I think I'm doing so in a way that prevents any attempted malice, or so I hope. (Feel free to leave feedback below.) I've always been a cautious kind of gal - and if anyone came close to attempting possible harm involving my children - they'd be dealing with (an armed) mother-bear! Is that too cautious? Maybe. Perhaps I should have used a tad more caution with regard to patent/ copyright protection before submitting my proposal??? We shall see. Still learning. And - still excited about any future opps that may come along! 
(And still giving the TJ's gals the benefit of the doubt!)

TIP: Follow your heart, tune into your instincts/ intuition, and never doubt the viability of your ideas. That's where it always begins, and you have to start somewhere!
A QUOTE: “I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works.” ~Oscar Wilde
WHIDFML: Took that first step toward a (er, another) big goal! Feels groovy. 

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