Monday, April 18, 2011

Took a Sabbatical!

Been on sabbatical from writing, evidently! - But here I am ready to revel in my soul's further development via putting thoughts into words once again.
Been chip, chip, chippin' away at that list for a lust for life - otherwise known as our 'new year's resolutions'... I gotta say - they are still in full effect - and brimming over with success! 

Spent a week alone with my other half - making our way through cities and scenics alike. Spent a few days exploring Vegas (and the more rustic, lesser-known natural outskirts thereof.) Then, jumped in with all our Aces and rented the tremendously fun, bumblebee-yellow Vette Convertible for an 1100+ mile adventure from Vegas, over to the Grand Canyon, down to Sedona, and further south to Peoria, AZ to visit a good friend - then around to Vegas again before catching our flight home. 
Check out the photo-blog chronicles here! LV-AZ Roadies Blog

As my regular readers are aware ~ we are natural-born nature-lovers ~ and only required-'city-dwellers' ~ by career choice, and our desire to remain close to family (both spiritually, as well as by where we fall on the map.) [Though our patch of woods & water make it much more worthwhile.] Now, here we are, ready to jump in with both feet, 'getting away from it all', kidless for a week, serenity lies ahead, endless possibilities - and where do we begin our exploits?? Only the busiest, loudest, most brightly-lit, hub O' hubub known to our continent: the famed Sin-City. A friend even remarked about her surprise & discontent with our desire to venture in this direction. It got me thinking (more deep thought - comin' at ya!) - - While I wish there were (much) less of it, and I certainly wouldn't want to live anywhere near it, I still harbor some element of appreciation for the craziness (and let's just be real here - even stupidity to some regard) that man can conjure up as well. For me, it's like art. I adore art. I'm an artist at heart, and it influences everything I do on some level. While I may be more drawn to certain styles, mediums, or subject matter (nature photography, anyone?) I scan still ogle all of the zany, even 'messy', abstract stuff out there. That came from someone's mind, heart, and soul.... I may even LIKE much (if not most) of what I see... But,  it still doesn't mean I want to take it home with me and hang it on my walls! And so there you have it - your 'nature is to art, as art is to... overpopulated cities?' analogy. Have a sip of wine. It'll make more sense!

The nature-therapy was inexplicably fulfilling. Still reveling in the aftermath (er, new batch of hundreds of surreal, breathtaking depictions of God's handiwork captured on digital 'film' to cherish forever!) Couldn't be happier about our uncanny ability to unconsciously time stellar sunsets with our arrivals to the Canyon, Sedona, and a drive through the mountains, camera in hand all the while!! The entire drive, once outside of Vegas, and once outside of the Phoenix area again, was ever-changing, eye-catching, natural terrain. A-MAZ-ING.
 Talk about happies!

Joel's hooked, and it has been deemed the first of many, many more expeditions to come! We have our second annual 'couple-trip' picked out for next winter, and our summer outing with the girls and camper in tow being mapped out slowly-but-surely as well! We always have to make time for the Gunflint Trail in there. Our home away from home! We literally go through withdrawl when we don't get up there for too long... as there truly is no substitute.

We came home better parents... Renewed, awakened, well-traveled, and well-slept. Breathe deeply with me: Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Mmmmm, hmmmm. Feels nice. Learned more about ourselves, each other, and life.... in just one week! I highly recommend it.

TIP: Parenting is a full-time job - with many perks and benefits, but comes with limited 'breaks'. Make breaks happen. It's necessary for all involved. If you're in a relationship - you need to make time for that person too.
A QUOTE: "By and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off.  They are the great vacationless class."  ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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