Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Being Present is a Gift....

...for yourself AND those around you!

Even in the midst of far-too-regular chaos steadily ensuing over the course of far-too-many months, I've made a conscious choice to remain as 'present' as possible whenever I'm interacting with my kiddos (and husband!) For a while there - I would catch myself nearly tuning-out the kids (inadvertently), whilst my mind wandered among the many items remaining on the ever-growing list of to-dos. It was like an old projector wheel turning continually, while the images flashed in stuttering, flickering, faded visions before my mind's eye.

Last year, with double the workload to keep up with - I found myself sitting outside so much more often with the girls, and just really soaking in the Summer sun (both figuratively & literally.) This year was such a blur - although much of the activity was poignant and memorable - and has been well-documented, of course... So while the time is blurry, the memories are not. 

I guess I'm still somewhat in line with my goals. Much of what ate up space in my brain this season stemmed from unexpected issues surfacing that needed immediate attention or 'fixes'. Some were brought on by us, and some were pushed in our direction by external forces. Regardless, it wasn't so much the situations that were stressful - it was the fact that everything came about at once - and nothing seemed a clear-cut priority over another. BUT - I managed to weed my way through it and accomplished what needed accomplishing. (Hooray!) 

Now, rather than feeling burnt-out, I'm actually feeling pretty at-ease - and a sense of accomplishment accompanied by peace-of-mind has relief seeping in. Here's hoping that this transition makes for less busy dreams too - as those tend to make you feel much less rested. 

For a time in there - I noticed that when I was getting steady amounts of sleep and that sleep was truly restful, I was not only more productive overall (as I could think more clearly about strategy), but I was also just more energetic. So - I'm moving in that direction again, being mindful about being 'in the moment' as I so like to do - and less concerned about what I still have left to finish. (I'm such a darn finisher!) But - I'm learning to manage this - and 'let go' much more... and that definitely brings about a sense of PEACE.

TIP: Lists! Let your mind take a rest by writing it all down so you won't forget. Ahhhhh. 
A QUOTE: "When you find yourself thinking of the future or the past, bring your awareness into the present. Really experience how you feel and what's happening around you, without judgment. If we can treasure each moment, our lives will be rich, no matter what we have accomplished." ~ Unknown
WHIDFML: Spending some time reflecting now equates to some greater time spent in the moment.... 

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