Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life Lessons~

So - - - sometimes life's lessons aren't readily understood - at which point they are forced onto us via, typically, unpleasant circumstances. I'm not going into detail about my recent lesson's manifestation. However, I'm realizing that I had many lessons in one - related to one (largely-small?) incident. 

A) SLOW down. It was that nagging reminder (um, neon sign, which I DID - in fact - request in recent prayers). Since I wasn't listening to other smaller promptings, I guess this was the neon I was looking for (Not exactly what I had in mind??)...  I want to spend more time actually enjoying and LIVING life - and a little less time letting it be all-consuming in a too-busy kind of way... Less energy spent on giving-in to society's expectations, and more time spent upholding my own expectations.

B) Stay positive. Er... focus on the good, seek the lesson or other value in the 'bad', and recognize that it's all temporary anyway! All things = a reason.

C) Listen to my gut. Just quiet the mind, and LISTEN, damn it.

D) KEEP the FAITH. TRUST! (I've written about this 'trusting' thing once before.) Sometimes it's easy to get caught-up in what life throws atcha - and I'm reminded not to allow it to bring me down... but rather - to slow me down, and leave the rest up to G.O.D. He happened to literally whisk me out of a potentially very difficult situation - just like that! {Kudos, Big Guy}

E) Humanity isn't as bad as it seems! There are still understanding, compassionate, live-and-let-live, community-driven, genuinely considerate & caring people out there. "Love is PATIENT"... (Which brings us back to letter A, above; What do ya know? It all ties together.)

 F) View the world with compassion, love, and understanding, and you can avoid unnecessary stress right there. 

WOWZA! Amen.

TIP: See A through F above...
A QUOTE: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” ~Plato
WHIDFML: Beautiful Fall-evening river-walk with the whole fam in tow! :)

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