Thursday, September 13, 2012

SPEAKING of Peace...

I got to SPEAK mine recently - though by speak, I mean write! Gah - I wish I'd have more nerve to speak up in crowds to get the PROPER words across when it comes to topics I'm so impassioned about... In this case - it was regarding the food industry, and the conventional farmers' ploys to convince the public that there are "misconceptions" about our food sources. Yes. Sadly - there are many misconceptions. Once something gets 'leaked to the public' it creates consumer awareness, uproar, and demand - for change/ betterment/ choice. Then undoubtedly - the at-fault parties and their dollar-protecting organizations begin to negate any negative impacts on humans. (Think cigarettes, rBST, BPA, etc, etc!) Finally - enough knowledge circulates, and enough demand for what's RIGHT overcomes the demand for the damaged goods - and the companies are forced to produce what consumers actually WANT, if they wish to avoid going under. All this - only after their attempts to confuse the public and convince them that they've done no 'harm'.
Let me just say - that while I get all nervous, tense, and shaky with public speaking - I'm an avid writer... and I've done a lot since this interaction to help spread the RIGHT word about where our food is coming from - to all of my social networking 'buds'! Maybe this is why these things come my way?? I feel called into this more and more~

First - the organization invited me to a free dinner. Red flag #1. Their vague invite included some wording to the effect of 'open conversations about how our food gets to our forks, between women who farm, and women who purchase the produce..." Hmmmm. I'm definitely into REAL food and all things related... I'm thinking - this could be another learning opp! Once I did my research (which I've gotten pretty darn good at over the years. We have to be vigilant about digging deeper into these confusing subjects, to weed out the facts from the pre-paid-propaganda) -I realized this was a sorry attempt by an organization designed to protect the profitability of the conventional farmhands to mislead consumers - touting conventionally farmed and GMO produce as "safe" and "no different from" organic and sustainably produced goods. Hmmmmm once again.... only with a different tone. Funny how these things come out in waves just prior to our country's attempt at finally signing into law a GMO labeling standard to keep consumers AWARE, and give them a CHOICE!

There MAY just be a bit of uncertainty surrounding the subject of determining whether there are any scientifically evidenced, profound differences in nutritional values between organic and conventional goods. However, this is the one and ONLY possible aspect anyone can doubt when it comes to our foods. The rest is purely common sense - and it also happens to be backed up by facts put out by numerous independent parties - whose primary goals include the protection of people and the planet (rather than the profits of businesses.) All of this information remains consistent across the board as well. This makes it difficult, at best, to deny such facts - but those who succumb to the convoluted & manipulative promotion of GMO sourced produce, are simply bowing down to the bottom-dollar they hope to uphold. There are many facts that can be found via many various resources now - holding strong to the truth behind the subject at hand. Here are the "bottom lines" for the PEOPLE - ALL of us who reside on the planet and intend to continue eating to survive. We have a right as a people to KNOW and CHOOSE what we put into our bodies and into the mouths of our children & grandchildren:
A) Soil quality is a direct link to the quality/ nutrient-values of the crops grown within those soils. If the land is mis-treated, poisoned by chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, sludge/ contaminated waste, injections of ammonias to try to re-gain nutrient-loss), and stripped of its nutrient content - the plants grown there will harbor these same traits and toxins. [Helloooo common sense!]
B) Regardless of nutrient content - we know that there aren't any fewer nutrients in organics. The argument stems from the conventional farmers (who receive subsidies from our tax dollars to uphold certain practices - such as fertilizer and pesticide use, as well as GMO produce) who wish to attempt to 'prove' that there are supposedly "no differences" between conventional and organically produced vegetation. (Refer to point A, above!) 
C) Again, regardless of nutrient content, I want to know that my food is free of any unnecessary (did I mention this is UNNECESSARY!?) chemicals and other contaminants, as well as anything created by a man in a science lab who knows nothing about immediate OR long-term effects of utilizing such man-made foods! (GMOs - or GE foods, that is.) 
D) If there is ANY question at all about even the slightest possibility of GMO/ GE foods causing any ill-effects on people or the planet/ soil - - shouldn't we simply be saying NO?!? Yes!!! AND, in the case that the farmers receive the right to GROW this variety of vegetation, then we certainly have a right to KNOW that's where our food has been derived so that we can make educated & informed choices when we shop for food for our families. *Please make your voice heard by signing the petition for GMO labeling standards Here!
E) Yes - organically grown goods generally cost a bit more. When you make comparisons of these foods in their own retail settings (i.e. - co-ops, larger stores with their own brands of organic goods such as Trader Joe's, and farmers' markets) - the price increase is not much of a difference at all. (If you go to the natural foods section at large-chain-stores, such as Cub, you're going to pay much higher prices because it's being offered to you as a convenience. SAD! Maybe one day we can do away with all of this nonsense, get the big-box stores on board with REAL food as their staples - as will we - and therefore, availability will increase, and prices will decrease further!) HERE's THE THING: I'm willing, and wish more Americans were, to simply pay a little bit more up-front to KNOW exactly what is being introduced into our bodies for our overall HEALTH and QUALITY OF LIFE. You'll pay more for that television with the better screen quality... So why not the foods that we fuel our very bodies with?? Plus - why not pay more for REAL food, and less in costly medical bills later in life??
F) Our health and the health of our planet should never be secondary to business and monetary concerns over an outdated and unhealthy means of producing our food! All of these farmers have a CHOICE. Why shouldn't WE?? [This is where the labeling comes in.] They can simply join the movement to propel our country FORWARD in ways that sustain our bodies, our health, our planet, the animals, our air quality, waterways, and soils - for us, and our future generations. Those farmers who follow such strict regulatory guidelines and pay a fee to be certified organic - deserve our recognition, or thanks, and a pat on the back! You can thank them directly - by purchasing REAL, organically grown, non-gmo FOOD! They can sleep well at night - and so can you - when you really consider what you choose every day to keep you and your family going strong!

Knowledge is power! Please - share with those you love and wish a happy, healthy life for... Remind them to use caution when they select their resources. Is the organization whose publications they are reading from, there to protect business & profits? Do they accept paid advertisements or request a paid subscription to their publication?? OR - are they people who genuinely wish to protect other PEOPLE, quality-of-life, and our planet? THESE are the resources you want to help you in your discovery of what's really going on behind the scenes with the foods we eat every day. WE have the power to choose... by what we buy. The corporations will be forced to change if they want to remain in business. THANK YOU for taking the time to read all of this and pass it on! Below are some very interesting links that I've found in my own research that can be listed for you here - at your fingertips, to get you started. Cuddle up with your sweetie and watch a documentary or two. This info would never be publicized otherwise. Very eye-opening and informative! Here's to a better life and means of sustaining it for all Americans and the world-over! Cheers~

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It took them paying farmers a premium to prevent them from using the hormone???

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