Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dam(aged)ned If I Do...

Sure.... The stress recedes by oodles, just a little too late. The damage has been done - at least in so much as my mop is concerned.  

I decided to color my hair (low-lights) at home... Even after upping the anti from my $3 box'o'hair-fun to a $7.50 box of Natural Instincts, my hair had begun to morph into a straw-like, course, frizz-prone, obnoxious version of itself. (I swear it is its own being up there!) Although this brand claims to be less harmful because it's considered "semi-permanent" - I found my hair to be crazier yet after applying it! BLAH. Now I remember why I avoided color-for-fun previously. Even though it IS super fun... I'm toying with the idea of embracing my personal "sliver-lining" again, and trying to "age gracefully" without the color enhancements. :( Sad, but at the same time... I'll be overjoyed to have my NICE hair return! The deep-conditioning treatments are helping to get me through for now~

A bit frustrating though - that my options are either, A) Damaged & difficult to manage,  but funky-colored hues... OR, B) Soft, shiny, well-behaved, and GRAY patches. I think if I were 40-something, rather than 30-something... I wouldn't even wince at nature's preferred course. However, it just seems a little too soon (and I was enjoying the justification for the fun-color-concoctions!) Sigh...

Damaged if I do, damned if I don't? I dunno. I suppose I could consider applying the color STRICTLY to the 2 face-framing gray patches... Would this be a little too symmetrical? Probably. There is some possibility of finding a non-permanent color... (But my Q is - will it be re-deposited to pillow-cases, clothing, & hair towels with every shower, sweat & swim??) Not so sure there is a happy-medium for this situation! But there are a lot of hotties out there sporting gray foliage! I just have to keep it youthful! ;) Gray-headed Hotties!

TIP: Sometimes we have to choose based what makes us happier. For me - care-free, low-maintenance hair is preferred over fun & funky hues. Gray IS going to be my new hue. (And actually - its very silver... which I kind of dig!)
A QUOTE: "Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."  ~Mark Twain
WHIDFML: Splurged on a spendy brand of conditioner to heal my hair and keep it soft & manageable... Not quite back to the 'norm' yet, but it's helped immensely.  

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