Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where the HECK???

So... I've been missing my pink fleece sweatpants now for - hmmm... a few months at least. 
Today, the top half of my favorite pj's went missing. I re-traced my steps............ I was putting away freshly-washed sheets, while pulling out new ones... I put new sheets onto the bed.... I put away a quilt in another closet... I did some laundry... I put some clean clothes away...
Of course, upon realizing that half of my pajamas were MIA, I decided to search for them in the order listed above. Wouldn't you know it? The last place I checked = the place where they resided... in one of the drawers in JOEL'S dresser - along with a pair of my underware!! Little stink #2 took it upon herself to "help" mommy with laundry this morning - when I hadn't noticed yet. How thoughtful ;) 
There is one mystery unraveled. I was in suspense for far too long! Now... I seriously wonder where in the heck she decided to stash those sweatpants! If I don't find them again by winter, I think I'll count them as a permanent loss ~ Such is life when 2-year-olds 'help'. Where is that drive to help when they are actually old enough to make it count? ;) 

TIP: Start your kids young with wearing hats outside in summer too... It blocks the sun from their face and eyes - and offers better protection than sunblock alone! I got them used to it as infants. When they were old enough to start to object, and attempt to remove their head-dresses - I'd bring them into the house immediately. They QUICKLY learned that outside=hats. Period. Not worth doubling their risk of skin-cancer by unwittingly exposing them to too much sun at an early age. 
A QUOTE: "Lost time is never found again." ~Benjamin Franklin
WHIDFML: Danced and danced away the morning in the living room with my girls, per their beckoning! We had a BLAST!! Many thanks to MPR for the great play-list :)

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