Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Spew

Today - I pondered the motivation behind Addie's weird new 'trick'... I came around the corner to find the 2-year-old bent in half over the potty - face centered within the seat's opening - spitting. Abruptly pulling her away, I explained the hazards of playing in the potty... My mind raced around possible reasons as to why she decided this might, in some way, be considered a normal behavior. 

Not even10 minutes later, daddy came up to the kitchen. "Haaaaacccccccck!" He coughed up one of his notorious balls of nasal-goo to be emitted through the mouth.
Myla, as daddy rounds the corner: "Where are you going daddy?"
Joel: (talking through a full mouth) "I've got to go into the bathroom for a minute, I'll be right back..."
Me: "Um, to spit that into the toilet, no doubt?? THAT might explain why Addie had her head in there, sputtering saliva, not longer than ten minutes ago!!" (eyebrow raised slightly)
Joel: (through gobs of LAUGHTER!) "She saw me do that ONCE. Just once!"
Me: "Well apparently once was enough!" (more laughter)


TIP: They're Watching! And a note: Bathroom doors lock ;)
A QUOTE: “Children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners” ~Unkown
WHIDFML: In spite of my efforts to limit my 'duties' on mommy-day - yesterday swept me up in a multitude of phone calls and their related accomplishments (better left to days without craze/ kiddos underfoot)... But alas, I did curl up in some sunshine, briefly, to read a couple of articles. This followed a wonderfully freeing, meditative walk along the riverside. I made sure that I got those in!!

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