Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just So We Are All Aware of Our Rightful Places...

This morning Myla doled-out the following:

"I am Sleeping Beauty... Mommy is Belle.... .... *I am Sleeping Beauty* (just so we're sure)..... ... Daddy is Cinderella... Debbie is Jasmine... And Addie is Snow White! And... And Grandpa is a PRINCE!"

Joel and I got a good laugh from that one... I think I'll call him Cinderella from now on ;)
I am quite a bit like Belle's personality... except for the bookworm part (unless you can sub magazines for the books and make it count!)
By the way - has anyone else considered the irony of her desire to be Sleeping Beauty?? [This, from a child who has avoided sleep like the Plague since INFANCY.]

It's Saturday - and we're going to go bumming! I don't have a tip, or a quote handy... but WHIDFML = heading out to enjoy some time as a fam right now!

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