Monday, November 9, 2009

Call of the Wild...

So - if you've been following my blog fairly regularly, you may have already learned that the vicious roar of the stealthy lion (or lioness) will frighten away scary, night-time, closet-dwelling dragons. 
This was very useful in eradicating the issues involving said dragons. However, it has since morphed into a whole new breed of purpose. I can't wait for the first time it happens while in public - because the reactions of passers-by will be well worth it! To be honest, even when it happens at home, I have to stifle the laughter! 
Any time we have a 'disagreement' now, Myla takes it upon herself to conjure up her most fearsome, raucous, perilous "ROOOOAAAAAR!!!!" When it has been deemed that there is no other option, she apparently feels there is perhaps a slim chance that this vivacious roar will instill fear into her fellow man as well. Even with all of the disappointing episodes lacking any reaction at all from me, she musters up that tiny glimpse of hope from the hollows of her belly, and I really do think it has become more strident, more concentrated, and more enduring with each attempt. And, it becomes more and more difficult for me to hold back my amusement. 
It occurred to me on a few of these occasions, how FUN it might be to take on this mode of effort when things don't go MY way! 
ME: "Wells Fargo, I've been on the phone with you for over an hour, and you cannot seem to answer my very simple question. Could you please just answer my question already???" 
WELLS FUCKO (I meant FARGO, sorry!): "I'm sorry Ms. Mack, but we are too busy trying to fit our heads in our asses, and we cannot help you. We just have this call center to pretend we care..."
ME: (in a great moment of satisfaction) "RRROOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!" Man, that would have been great!! Probably would have gotten somewhere - as they may have, in fact, feared that this INSANE person might just go postal on 'em at some point. 
I might just employ this useful new tool for something. Because I can tell you - there have been days that I have wanted to do just that! I think next time I'm going to try it! Hasn't yet worked ON me, but just maybe it'll work FOR me!? ;) If nothing else, it'll be great for reaction... and perhaps turn the mood around via laughter where necessary!

TIP! USUALLY (or so they say) if you ignore a toddler 'tantrum' - it will go away over time. The theory is that they learn that it doesn't do them any good, so they stop trying. But there is nothing written about how to handle an adult tantrum!!! Hahahahahaha! ;)

A QUOTE: A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice - especially when she's taking a nap.  ~Author Unknown

WHIDFML: Heading out NOW - (during babe-naps) - to sit in this unseasonably warm November SUN!!!  The "wild" is calling to me too - the woods outside, that is! Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss. [The laundry will still be there tomorrow, I'm sure.] ;)

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